31 weeks.

Officially in the single-week digits counting down until #2's arrival.  I think I get more and more excited each and every day.  Between most of my Facebook and Instagram feeds being covered by adorable friends' babies, and the fact that #2 keeps a'growin' inside of me, clearly getting ready for his/her debut.

So I snapped this lovely selfie earlier this week noting I still had NINE WEEKS TO GO.  I make 'em big, apparently.  Then, I got my comparison shoes on--cause we know how much I love to do that--and compared my 30 week bump to my 40 week bump (one of my few bump pictures last go'round) and holy hell.  I'm the same size!!!  The bump is definitely higher (again, thinking girl still), and I'm definitely carrying most of the weight in my belly this time (well, as of 30 weeks! ha!), but golly, I can't help but see that the bumps are the same size!  YIKES!  The 40 week bump turned out to be a 10lb baby...wonder how big this one will be.  OR, is it going to surprise us and be a a little 8lb shrimp?!  We will see.

Along those same lines, I'm still feeling fantastic.  I mean, I definitely am more tired throughout the day (helllllloooo 3rd trimester fatigue!), but have yet to experience any of the aches and pains (especially back pain) that I had at this point with Patrick.  So I'm embracing this for now and really hoping it lasts!  I think chasing a crazy 21-month old around ALL THE TIME helps keep me flexin' and limber as well :)

Other than that, nothing really to report!  I have another OB appointment on Monday, so I'll be curious to see if/how far I am measuring over 31 weeks.  Last time with Patrick it was at 31 weeks that he started measuring gigantically huge so I got a bunch of bonus ultrasounds--we'll see if I get lucky again this time :)  A little over 8 weeks to go!  I can't wait!  Until week 32 friends, adios!

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