It's no secret to anyone who knows me: Tarjay (Target) is my favorite place to shop.  Now that they have a grocery section (!!!!) there too, it's a one-stop trip for us.  And did I mention how much moo-la we saved last year using our Target RedCard which saves us 5% every purchase?!  It was a lot peeps.  Well over three figures.

Anywho, I have somehow given birth to a child who absolutely loves Target as much as I do.  He really loves going there, especially when I let him hold certain items as we shop or, gasp, let him help me pick something from off the shelf.

This post really has zero point other than me professing my love for Target and for showing off a compilation of adorable pictures I snapped of my boy in Target -- clearly showing his excitement and love for the same store his mama does.  Enjoy.

And here's the cute singleton pics of the collage above...cause, they're just too cute not to share.

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