KHS, class of 2031

One of the reasons we moved back to Kirkwood is so our kids could be 4th generation Kirkwood kids.  We love Kirkwood, love the area, love the schools, and we wanted to raise our kids in the same place both Mike and I grew up in.

Anyways, one of my great aunts (so Patrick's great great aunt!) has been whipping up winter fleece hats for him.  One of the most recent ones she made is a red fleece hat with a white "K" on it--the same K font that Kirkwood uses on all of their apparel.  I am in love with the hats she makes, and this one especially, since Patrick will be graduating from Kirkwood High School in 2031!

We braved the 15 degree afternoon chill today (calm down peeps, we were out there for maybe 4 minutes!) and I got to snap some pics of Patrick running around our snowy front yard wearing his new cap.  To be fair, when I asked him if he wanted to go in, he shook his head and said "noooooo" and wanted to swing on his swing.  I then had to chase him down, grab him screaming and crying, and drag him back into the nice warm house.  Meanest mom ever, right?!!  Right.

Anyways, enjoy these (probably too many!) snowy Kirkwood-capped pics we snapped this afternoon!

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