33 weeks.

33 weeks -- less than 7 weeks to go!  EKKKKKK!  This is starting to get really real folks.  First off, let me show off these pics snapped late last week -- I kinda wish I'd have done weekly silhouette black and white pics this go'round, but, alas, I didn't (have only done two, as seen below), so I'll enjoy the couple I have done!  PS - I totes stole this idea (back??) from my buddy Tiff when I saw her post her 37 week silhouette pic on IG, I was like, "Um, yes, I need to do another one of those!" 

Notice anything about the 32 weeker?!  This kid seems to be sitting high high HIGH!  Actually, I text my friend Tiff last week and commented about how winded I was at school reading test directions to incoming freshman, and how I was struggling to get through a paragraph without feeling completely like the wind was taken out of my sails.  Well, at my allergist appointment earlier this week she confirmed my suspicions: she said babe is sitting very high, and that my diaphragm is up under my ribs, right by my boobs!  HOLY HIGH BABY!  I know Patrick was never this high -- I never felt like I had breathing issues with him like I do with #2.  Plus, I had lots of lower back pain with Patrick and I've had nada with this one, just the occasional upper back pain (like up by my shoulders) when I've been standing too long.  Anywho, old wives' tale says if I'm carrying high = girl...so yes, I'm still going with that for now.

I'm jazzed for this coming Monday: I have a growth ultrasound to check and see how big #2 is already at 33.5 weeks.  My guess is that this babe will be measuring at or around 6lbs...so we'll see next week if my guesstimate pans out :)

Other than that, some pesky back pain every now and again has set in (oh joy, I knew you were coming), but it's not constant and comes and goes -- mostly when I've been standing or not sitting with a backrest for too long.  And it's high back pain, like up under my shoulder blades, which is a different feeling because it was so.much.lower. with Patrick (hellloooo high sitting babe!).  Anyways, it's manageable, so I'll deal.  I definitely have been feeling way more exhausted (winded?!! yes.) in the evenings too -- again, probably cause babe is a gigantor and really taking a toll on my body.  I am proud of myself that I'd still need to gain nearly 40lbs from now until d-day if I wanted to be at the same weight I was when I delivered Patrick (and I don't think, even with my best donut consumption attempts, is that gonna happen), so that's exciting.  Anyways, not much else to report...until week 34 friends, adios!

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