Bath Time with Patrick

So this weekend is CRAZY.  And it's only half over.  Oh my lordie.

Today was nuts: I was up by 5:45am to be downtown by 7am to setup for EdCampSTL (I was part of the committee), and then I boogied out of there early because I had to get to Strange Donuts in Maplewood by 2pm to photograph my cousin Abby's proposal!  Her adorable boyfriend Stuart was planning on proposing and called me to photograph it.  Duh, I was there in a heartbeat (read more about that proposal and see pics! yay! over here on my photog blog).

Anyways, so I was dog-tired when I got home, but I edited the proposal pics (had to!) and then my brother Charlie called and asked if Patrick and I wanted to go to Fuzzy Taco for dinner.  DUH.  Of course.  Charlie and my parents even picked us up -- win.

By the time we got back home, I was really pooped.  So Patrick played for a bit, I snapped some pics for Scooter for some important posts he's gonna have tomorrow (tune into his IG account for more details!!), and then it was bath time.

Wellllll, since my camera was already out from the proposal shoot this afternoon AND in preparation for the Beggin' Pet Parade tomorrow, I decided to snap some pics of Patrick in the bathtub.  OHH EMM GEE.  I die.  This kid.  His personality.  I just love him so.

Enjoy these pics...happy Saturday {evening} friends!

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