#BegginPetParade 2015

Remember my post last year about the Beggin' Pet Parade?!  Well, guess what time of year it is again--time for the 2015 Pet Parade in Soulard!

We got invited again by our Beggin' buddies to come be VIPs at the parade, so naturally I had Mike take off work, we got a sitter for Patrick (cause, as much as we love our human baby, it was our fur baby's day to shine and be in the spotlight), and off we went to Soulard for the annual parade, me armed with my 6D and Scooter's social media accounts.

Can I first give a shoutout to the amazing weather?!  It's always so dicey in early February in STL, but we totally lucked out this weekend.  SCORE.  Made this 31.5 week preggo's day a whole lot better.  We did end up walking almost 4 miles (OMG), and by the end of our time down there I was DONE.  My back was a'achin' and my gigantic belly was screaming "I need a seat!" -- needless to say, once the parade ended we headed back to the car to head home.

The parade was a blast -- we got to enjoy the lovely VIP tent (and free lunch!!) before the parade (thank you Beggin' for the tickets!).  Scooter really loved that all of the tables were filled with tons of Party Poppers and other Beggin' items (yes, we stocked up on some of those before we left).

After lunch we headed back to the parade route.  OMG.  Mike and I both said we couldn't believe how many people there were there this year!  I'm sure the 65 degree gorgeous weather brought everyone out.  But seriously, at some places they were 20 deep watching the parade!  I've never seen it this crowded before!

Everyone sure loved Scooter's costume and hat (thanks mama for custom-making it!) -- it's the same one he wore last year, and it was just too perfect not to have him wear it again.

All in all, we had a fantastic day at the Pet Parade again this year.  Scooter promptly feel asleep like 2 seconds after we got in the car.  We really look forward to this every year (so does Scoots!) and we can't wait to go again next year.  WOOF!

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