36 weeks.

THREE.WEEKS.LEFT.  Ohh emm gee, amiright?!!  Cannot believe it!  I'm officially back at school and just have a couple weeks left before #3 is here!  I cannot wait!

I had to ditch my wedding and engagement rings ay 35.5 weeks with Rosie, but I'm happy to report that they are STILL ON (!!!) at 36 weeks with #3!  Woot!  I have my 36 week appointment (and then start weekly appointments, which I only have 2 left (37 weeks and 38 weeks) tomorrow, so hopefully everything will be lookin' good with #3!

Mike snapped this pic of me and Scoots (which we did a similar one last go'round at 36 weeks too but I like this one way better) and I love it so.  Scooter is way excited for another human sibling who will hopefully share his love for all day siestaing.

After a scheduling snafu I got my long-awaited prenatal massage last Wednesday and it.was.heavenly.  Gosh it felt amazing.  I wish I could fork out that price tag every week for one, but I'll settle for one a pregnancy.  Thank you Mikey!

Mike also got me this sweet (and soooo softy and fluffy!) new donut robe and it's AMAZING.  It even fits me now at 36 weeks so I'm sure it'll be nice and big and snuggly after this kid comes too.  I love it so.

My freebie (thanks insurance!) breast pump came this week and I went with the Spectra S2 this time because I've heard such awesome things about it and am really hoping it works well for me!  If not, I have 3 other (Medela) pumps from the last time that I know will work.  Plus all of my Medela parts hook up to this Spectra one.  Win win!

Someone has been Clingy McClingerson lately and wants me to hold and carry her ALL OF THE TIME.  I'm allowing it now because in a few weeks I won't be able to lift either kid for (suppose to be) 6 weeks (made it 3 weeks last time) so I'll take all of the Rosie snuggles and lifts I can get now, despite how much it makes my back scream.

So yeah, still having some upper back and rib pain that has seemed to plague me these last few weeks.  I think this kid is definitely sitting high (again, GIRL GUESS!) and putting lot of pressure up there.  Other than that, there's nothing else I can really complain too much about!  I'm feeling pretty darn good knowing that I'm in the final stretch!

That's all I've got for week 36!!  Just a few more of these lovely blog updates (37, 38, and 39!!) before the baby spam starts {again}.  I am SO excited!  Have a great one friends...and until week 37 (full term!), adios!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?Oreos with ice cold milk
Overall mood?THREE.WEEKS.LEFT.
Rings on or off?ON! Farthest I've made it into pregnancy! WOOT!
Movement?Lots and lots of kicks and punches
Linea Nigra?VERY faint below belly button? still can't really tell!

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