38 weeks.

You.guys.  ONE WEEK LEFT!  OMG, I cannot freaking believe it!  Seriously, it feels like it was just May 31st yesterday and I shocked myself finding out I was pregnant and now BAM.  We're within a week of welcoming this kid!  EEKKKKK!

So last week I had my 37 week OB appointment...and all is lookin' good with #3!  My OB actually got called into a delivery so it was the fastest appointment EVER.  Heartrate was in the high 150s, I was measuring 4 weeks ahead still at 41 weeks, and everything else looked good!  I seriously cannot believe I have ONE appointment left this week on Thursday and then a week from today we'll be welcoming #3 into our family.  Seriously.  CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

So I have to make note that at 37w3d my wedding rings were just too tight (probably cause it's been freaking warm here and I'm already always so hot in general...) so they've officially been retired till post baby.  I have my nice little band on Mike got me (that I was wearing at like 25 weeks with Patrick!) until my wedding rings fit again, which I'm hoping is a week or so after #3 comes (they fit back on pretty quickly after Rosie) -- I love my rings and miss having them on my finger!

Here's a lovely litlte comparison snap for you: 37w5d with Rosie on the left, 37w5d with #3 on the right!  Gosh this kid feels like a monster compared to what Rosie was at this point -- no wonder my ribs and back have been bothering me so much!  I'm guessing this kid will be around the 9lb mark or so...

Other than that, nothing else really to report at 38 weeks!  My back has been killing me the past week (still upper back, by my shoulders) -- even when I sleep now, so I know this kid is growing and getting bigger and bigger in there.  I am so curious to see how big he/she is in a WEEK!! EEEKKK!

So a nice and semi-short and sweet post for you today at 38 weeks...I'll have ONE LAST POST at officially 39 weeks next Tuesday morning nice and early before we depart for the hospital to meet this kiddo.  I cannot wait!  EEKKKK!  Until week 39 friends, adios!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?Oreos with ice cold milk
Overall mood?ONE.WEEK.LEFT.
Rings on or off?OFF :( RIP at 37w3d
Movement?Oodles and oodles of movement
Linea Nigra?VERY faint along top and bottom of belly button

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