I KNOW for a fact last time when we were 2 days out from welcoming Rosie into our family I wasn't this giddy with anticipation.  I know I had a hard time sleeping the night before (duh) but not up until that point.  I don't know if it's a combo of can't get comfortable/I'm huge/having to pee ever 45 minutes plus the excitement/anticipation factor, but I literally have been getting crap sleep the past several days.  And I'm sure tonight and tomorrow won't be any better.  Oh well...bring on the sleepless nights, right?!!

Anyways, in my anticipating state, I've been trying to keep busy...taking random pics of my kiddos doing cute things always falls at the top of this :)  I have oodles of lists of things I need to do before Tuesday morning...but most of them can't be done until tomorrow (i.e. wash all of the bedding, towels, bathmats, etc...), I decided to turn to my blog this morning to pass some time and cause the kiddos are still snoozing and it's almost 9am!

However, I think ^^^ has a large part to do with while they're still zonked out -- we got new black out curtains for Patrick's window (that the sun blasts through every morning) and he's usually up by 7:30 or 8am at the latest, but NOT TODAY!  WOOOOOOT!  Rosie usually sleeps till 9ish (if Patrick is gone or doesn't wake her up), so we're trying to get them kinda on the same sleep schedule to make it a bit easier on us when #3 arrives (and hopefully not have crazy early mornings with all 3 of them).

This week was exciting for this guy cause he found out he was on the cover of our local parks and rec guide (which I already posted about here) -- but I wanted to share his excited face for you holding "his" magazine.

On Friday my mom and I took the kiddos to see "Sing" (super cute, by the way!) and we had the theater to ourselves!  It was a really good movie and both kids sat through the entire thing and hardly made a peep!  I love taking them to the movies knowing we can actually relax and watch a movie -- as long as they're loaded up with popcorn and a drink they're happy campers.

In my anticipation mode I did strike some of my things off of my list -- cleaning all of the bottles and pump parts being one of them!  I got a new pump this go'round so I'm excited to see how it compares to my Medela one I've been using for the past 2 kiddos.

Again!  The theme these past few days has been KEEPING BUSY -- so I was happy to get Patrick's Valentines done for his classmates (since his party is on 2/9 I believe) so I didn't have to mess with that when I'm recovering.  He loves his cards (as do I) -- but I can't take full credit, I stole the idea from Pinterest!

It still boggles my mind that I have a girl, nonetheless a GIRLY girl who loves accessorizing with bows, having her hair done, nails painted, and picking out her shoes.  I'm trying to embrace this as much as possible because she loves it so and it's good for me, who's definitely not a girly girl, to broaden my horizons with my daughter.

Yesterday we had a fun little family day -- Mike had to work last night but had been off for several days so we tried to keep busy (sensing a theme here?! Busy = pass the time!) -- we hit up the pool Friday night (and Rosie has my new favorite swimsuit!) with the aunts, uncles, and cousins, then had brunch with Matt, Katie, and Lizzy Saturday morning before having a rare family shopping trip to Target (to get those black out curtains!) before attempting to see Goose (who was out and about for the day so we missed her and instead to a family selfie!), and then hitting up MOD pizza (our new favorite joint) for dinner with my parents before calling it a night.

Today we have absolutely nothing on the agenda since Mike worked all night so we're going to let him snooze the day away.  I'm going to take the kiddos to my parents to play so he doesn't hear us then we're going to the Mooneys for dinner tonight -- tomorrow is crunch time when I'll be a mad woman getting everything I can prepped and cleaned before we head out Tuesday.  That's the one nice perk about having a scheduled c-section -- I know the date and time this kid is coming so this planner can prep away!

I'll conclude this post with a pic of Scoots in #3's hoodie know, to help pass the time I've been putting him in #3's clothes to "break them in" before he/she arrives.

Have a good Sunday friends!

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