70 in January!!!

OMG.  Today was absolutely GORGEOUS.  Like amazingly awesome weather that totally rejuvenated me after I spent a good hour and a half at the dentist getting a cavity filled that was miserable (doc didn't numb me up all the way = awfully painful) this morning.

I should first add that my new baby came in the mail today and I was SOOOOO stupid excited about it.  It arrived thanks to the UPS dude before 8am (WHATTT?!!) and I was so glad it did cause I had been stalking the tracking all night and day hoping it'd come before it's 8pm deadline.

Of course I had to whip it out and test it out on my little test subjects, and holy cow, even though it's just the newer model of my current camera, it blows it out of the water with low light (aka the inside of our house) settings and quality.

I couldn't believe the quality over my current camera...which is pretty dang good in itself!  I am soooo going to love snapping indoor sessions with this (especially newborns!) and not having to always rely so heavily on my speedlite.

I mean, check that out ^^^ top pic is what I took of Scoots, and bottom is when I zoomed in (on my phone!) and took a screenshot of clearly me snapping his pic and Mike standing behind me.  Freaking amazing quality Canon, well done.

Gosh I love this camera.  And lens (my 70-200 is my workhorse lately and I love it so! So much bokeh!).  Patrick was MIA during our outdoor playtime/shoot cause he was riding his "motorcycle" (Power Wheels 4wheeler) around the block with Mike.

Obviously I snapped a bunch of pics of my kids today, but I actually had The Omicks session today too!  10 days out from having #3 and I'm still snapping away!  I actually have 2 more photo shoots booked before #3's arrival...so I'm snapping up until them!  I'm crazy.  But whatever, I sure love doing this (especially now that I have my new camera!).

So today was absolutely gorgeous and I hate that we couldn't have been outside at the park all day long (damn dentist appointment) but I'm glad the kids got some outside time with Gramps while I was at my appointment and then some before dinner playtime in our yard as well.  It's suppose to be yucky and rainy tomorrow so today was a nice little treat to the January blues.

Anyways, I'll leave you with these cute little snaps from the past couple days -- Paw Patrol (all around!) story time with my 2 burritos which carried over into siesta time for Ro too.  Have a good one friends...tomorrow marks SINGLE DIGITS (OMG) until #3 is here! EKKKK!!!

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