Movies & Swimming

Wayyyyy back in July of 2015 we took Patrick to his first movie!  Well after he was 2 years old we thought he was probably ready to sit through an entire movie.

Welllllll, yesterday Rosie at 20 months old got to go to her first movie!  And she ROCKED IT!

Rosie at 20 (almost 21!) months is much different than Patrick was at this age.  It's hard to describe, but she is much more attentive to things, can follow directions, talks more, and seems to have a much better attention span.  So!  We decided to take her to the movies to see Moana (which, side note, was really good!) with her big brother, myself, and my mom.

While we waited for popcorn (aka contentness keeper) both Patrick and Rosie ran around the lobby of the theater so excited.  Patrick has been to like a zillion movies so this was old hat for him, but Rosie seemed to pick up on his excitement and it was so cute seeing them run all over together!

This is pretty much how the entire movie went: Patrick polished off nearly that entire bucket of popcorn (OMG) and Ro sat there holding her toy and gingerly eating one piece of popcorn at a time!  About 20 minutes before the end of the movie Ro was tired of sitting by herself so she crawled into my lap to finish the movie (which, at 35 weeks pregnant, was not easy to have her there!!).  Overall they both were amazing and we can totally do more movies in our future!  It was so much fun!  Maybe next time we'll take Mike with us :)

Completely unrelated, today is day 3 of my #MooneyMatte365 project and it's going well thus far -- haven't missed a day yet!  Haha!  What I am loving is that so many of my friends are doing their own 365 projects (a lot of them in black and white!) this year and I think it is so awesome!  It really is such a cool project to do and great memory maker!

So!  After a fun-filled morning yesterday at the movies, after nap and when Mike got up from his siesta we headed to the pool!  This pass (which is really not just an indoor pool but a fitness center, track, weights, etc...) is proving to be an amazingly awesome Christmas present!  We've already gone 3 times and the kids absolutely LOVE going (it wears them out!) and Patrick anxiously measures himself every time we go in hopes that he's tall enough for the slide.  Soon, buddy, soon.

I brought my GoPro but the lighting isn't great in there so my snaps are just meh.  But whatever!  Memories, right?!  Lizzy came too (because they have a pass as well!) and the kiddos just had a blast with their cousin.  Matt, Katie, and Lizzy came over to eat and play afterwards too and that was a bunch of fun as well -- I have a feeling this'll be something we do a lot throughout the year -- because in the summer the outdoor pool (with even more slides!) is open too!  EEKKKK!

Anyways, that's about all I've got for today...Patrick is back to school tomorrow, I'm working on prepping for my classes that start Monday and this big accreditation website (that I've literally spent like 20 hours on thus far!!) before I have to chaperone a retreat on Friday.  Trying to enjoy my last few days of being off work with only 2 kids...cause at 35 weeks today there's only 4 weeks left to go...28 days! AHHHH!  Have a good one friends!

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