Ice Ice Baby

Ahhhh, the sweet glory of a snow day -- errrr, or ice day as we have today!  There’s a lovely little (or big) ice storm going through STL right now and because of it no one has school!  Woot!  Unexpected 4 day weekends are the best!

Anywho, the kids and I spent the morning lounging about (Mike had to work last night (and tonight too, ugh.) and was siestaing away) and watching movies while playing with the massive amount of toys that have shown up since mid-December.  We watched Minions and Zootopia (both of which were super cute!) before Mike got up to have lunch with us.

I had my camera out and snapped a few pics of the kiddos playing this morning and I am having a hard time picking favorites!

I do love this one of Ro looking at me like “WHATTTTTTT it’s nap time?!!” and this matte look (for my #mooneymatte365 project!) of Patrick as well.

Whichhhhh, speaking of, my 2017 project is going awesome.  13 days in and I’m 13/13!  WOOT!  I am REALLY loving the matte look of these snaps...

All of them I’m posting again on Instagram with the #mooneymatte365 hashtag...if you want to follow along :)

This video made me laugh way harder than it should: Patrick doing a bit of twirlin' dance moves.  I just can't handle it.  Still dying laughing!

Ro's vote for the new baby has been cast: she wants a girl!  I think someone would like to love (and abuse) a little sister :)

One of my Christmas presents showed up this week and I was stupid excited for them -- my new dog slippers!  I knew they were backordered until January and then I forgot about them so when they showed up this week I was one happy camper!  No longer having to use flip flops for my house shoes anymore :)

What's nuts is that earlier this week it was close to SEVENTY DEGREES outside and the kids had a blast running around in spring clothes and enjoying the unusually warm weather.  Now it's icing out...and then next week it's suppose to be super warm again!  WHAT IN THE HECK.  This "winter" weather here in STL has been really anything but! Haha!

My new Tula ring sling came this week and Scooter was so nice to lend a paw and be my test subject and OMG.  It is so buttery soft and like 10x more comfortable than the other ring sling I have -- plus it matches my other Tula!  So win win!

Earlier this week it was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and I just have to reiterate my shout out to our favorite dude in blue here on my blog too.  We love you so much Mikey and are so proud of everything you do for us each and every day keeping us safe!

And I'll leave you with this here ^^ photo dump of some random snaps from earlier this week!  So crazy to think about that in less than 3 weeks there'll be THREE Mooney kiddos taking up residence in my snaps! AHHHH!  I can't believe it!

Have a great weekend friends and stay warm and if you're in STL stay home :)

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