1SE: August 2020

Ahhh, month 8 has come and gone.  As 2020 goes by, I really am not sorry to see it go and am welcoming another month in hopes and prayers that things will start looking up (pandemic wise!) and hopefully start getting back to the world we once knew...like kids being IN SCHOOL.  Anyways, the big kids started school this month, and are seeming to really enjoy it thus far...so hope that continues!  September is almost upon us so in sets my busy season so I'm sure it'll be filled with chaos...but BRING IT ON.

Anddddd, since I've got you here, here's my #mooneygrateful366 update through August!  2/3rds of the way done with 2020 and I'm hoping we have some wonderful months ahead of us...including Ted turning ONE!

See ya later August...you were actually a fun month with lots of pool dips and oodles and oodles of family time, as is the jam for 2020 it seems.  Onto September we go!!

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