Annie's 1st Day of 3s Preschool

This past week Annie started 3s preschool IN PERSON! AHHHHH! YAYYYYYY!!! She was SO EXCITED, especially since she finished her school year in May online.

Her school has taken a ton of safety precautions in these COVID times, and we feel totally confident in sending her to school.  She actually has kept her mask on all day long, and I am SO PROUD of her for that!!!

We actually hit up her school last week for meet the teacher and snocones, and oh boy did she love that so much!!

Keeping with tradition, we did some front path snaps before she headed off to school!

I mean, how cute is she?!  She was SO EXCITED.  

And I totally thought she'd freak out and change her attitude once she got to school and I had to leave, but nope! Proved me wrong -- she LOVED it and went off without a hitch!

She had a wonderful first day of school and was so excited to go back the next day, which was freaking awesome.  I am so thankful for that and that she's having such a great time -- and I am hoping and praying this trend continues and all of her teachers and classmates stay nice and healthy so we can stay in person!!

Here's to a great year of 3s preschool!  Kinda hard to imagine but a year from now she'll be starting her LAST year of preK before she goes to kindergarten! Time sure is flying by!!

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