Rosie & Annie's Dance Recital

In keeping with the craziness which is 2020, the girls' dance recital was rescheduled from June until August...and then restricted to dancers only -- parents and families would have to watch via livestream.  Here's a walk down memory lane for just Rosie's recital from last year.

Welp, somehow a lightbulb went off in my head and I reached out to the dance studio and offered to photograph the recital...all 86 (!!!) performances.  I think I underestimated the sheer amount of time this was going to take (not just 8 hours one day and 4 the next...but the editing!!) because HOLY COW IT TOOK FOREVERRRRRR.  I will say I finished the galleries last night and sent the link to parents to purchase prints and digitals and orders are starting to come in so yay hopefully it'll be all worth my while $$ for the amount of work I did.

BUT - the perk of being able to actually GO was that I still got pictures of my girls...and a few videos too!  I will have to give a special shoutout here to my parents and Mike -- my mom and dad literally watched the girls + Teddy for 10 (!!!) hours last Saturday because, as luck would have it, I had to run and snap a birth literally 30 minutes before the recital was suppose to start!  So I woke Mike up, he went and snapped the beginning of the recital for me (the first 7 performances) and then I finished the birth and went for the rest of them.  And seriously, God bless my parents for watching the kiddos ALLLLLL day long and playing dress up and makeup crew and chauffeur service to the little ballerinas.  We'd be so lost without them!!

My mom snapped these pics of the girlies getting ready and such before their performance.  Don't you love their hair and makeup?! They were so cute!

And then it was performance time and I went completely snap happy!  Haha!  The videos aren't the best -- I was trying to still snap with my monster camera and lens with one hand while record with the other and that was not easy at all.  A for effort, Alex.

Golly, I so so so loved being able to still go and see my girlies perform -- and get to capture pictures!  And it was also great that I was able to get oodles and oodles of pics for the other dancers too, since no one else was allowed in the audience.

I hope next year's performance we are all back in person watching our little dancers perform in the building, and showering them with flowers and such afterwards too!  As much work as it was this past weekend, it was so worth it!

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