Welp, we did a thing.

We adopted a new member of our family yesterday -- meet Pumpkin the pup!!  She is a 2 year old Westie/terrier mix and it so darn cute.  She has stolen our hearts immediately already!

It's been kind of a whirlwind week around here, with the big kids starting school virtually and what not...but why not add another chaos element into our mix?!?!  HAHA!  My friend, who volunteers at an animal rescue shelter, posted about Pumpkin (originally named Duchess...the kids picked and changed her name!) on Wednesday and by Thursday she was ours!!!  

She's a loving little lady and is a bit shy but has seemed to warm up to us quickly.  She really loves the kids and is truly the cutest little lady.  She's only had one accident in the house...so we are hoping she is mostly house trained.  She was rescued from an apartment where her previous owners abandoned her -- and, welp, she is now with us!  She got spayed earlier this week so we'll be getting her groomed in no time as soon as her stitches are good and healed. 

I have to share these two videos of the big kids meeting her...

They had NO IDEA -- I literally came home with her and surprised them!  Patrick was literally BESIDE HIMSELF -- like bawling he was SO HAPPY...it truly was the cutest thing ever. 

We all are guilty of calling her a 'he' because we are so use to having a BOY dog here! I'm sure we'll get the pronouns right eventually ;-)

I'm sure there will be oodles more stories about her to come...and you know I had to make her an instagram account too to document her adventures!  You can follow along with her at:


Welp friends, that's our big news for this week!  We are so excited to have this new little furball in our family and cannot wait to share more and more about her in the days to come!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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