Rainbow Baby Day

August 22nd is National Rainbow Baby Day...and this year we have the most perfect little 9.5 month old rainbow babe here with us to help us celebrate!

I shared some of my favorite rainbow pictures of Teddy on social media this morning...and felt like I should include those same snaps and pictures here.

Today is National Rainbow Baby Day, and we just are so thankful for our sweet little rainbow babe Teddy!  After losing Clark, we (mostly me) went back and forth about having another baby -- there was so much fear that what happened with our sweet boy would happen again to another baby, especially since (even to this day) we have no idea what caused all of Clark's fatal issues.  But we put our faith in so much that another baby would be healthy and be born alive, that the desire for another kiddo won out over the fear of losing another one.  And it was not easy; as the month before I got pregnant with Teddy we had a chemical pregnancy -- another complete rollercoaster of emotions just a few months after losing Clark.  But then, after a much needed escape from reality and a long-awaited vacation, we came back from the rainbow state with our own little rainbow on board.  Pregnancy after loss is terrifying, consuming, and even crippling at times.  But today, looking back on a year ago as we hold our little {big!!} 9 month old in our laps: it was all worth it.  I'd do it all over again, all of the appointments and tests and ultrasounds and monitoring just to be able to hold this perfect little rainbow in our arms.  And each and every time we look at Teddy, we know he's here because of his big brother whose time on this earth was so so short, but his impact has been forever-lasting. πŸ’™πŸŒˆ

Oh sweet boy, you are the most perfect little rainbow -- our end of the rainbow -- ever!  We love you so much Teddy and are so glad you were hand-picked by your big brother in heaven to join our family. 

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