Second Shooter Patrick

It's been a hot minute since my favorite second shooter came with me to a shoot...

Well, we remedied that last night!  I had my bestie and partner photog Victoria's family pics and Patrick got to tag along!

Oh boyyyyyyy did he get some great snaps!  I just love love love seeing what he captures through his lens and from his perspective.

Didn't he nail it?!?!  He did so so so good!  Obviously I helped him edit these, but he snapped them all on his own!  I truly think I'm gonna have to start paying him in actual money and not treats and candy. Haha!!

And since I know you're curious, here are the snaps I took too...

Anyways, Patrick had a blast all summer at his vacation home at the lake so missed out on some second shooting opportunities with me, but now that he's back I think he'll be coming to more shoots this fall and I just cannot wait to see what he captures!  Stay tuned!!

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