It's the 21st of the month and I realized my ONLY post this month has been Teddy's 9 month update.   Oops.  Life has been SO FREAKING BUSY lately and I've totally been slacking on the blog front.  But!  Fear not! I'm hoping to remedy that today during nap time (forgoing taking a little siesta myself) and hammering out some bloggity blog updates for ya.

First off, we've been insanely busy with, well, life!  I have been so so so busy (so thankful, trust me!) with snapping, and then Mike has been working insane hours (a lot of 12 hour days) that, well, we just have been slammed.  Annie started 3s preschool (in person! yay!) earlier this week, Rosie and Patrick start virtual next week, and Teddy's spot got canceled because they don't have an infant's teacher available anymore.  So we are truly ALL OVER THE PLACE with school and, well, I am just not thrilled about all of that.  I am actually super dreading the big kids starting next week and just am not confident it's going to go well...which, gah.  Is a whole 'other story that I really don't want to delve into now -- that I just hope my bad attitude is pleasantly surprised with it going well and not being a shitshow disaster.  Gosh I'm so hoping for that.

Anywayyyyysssssss...thought I'd do a bit of a photo dump here for ya and then have some other posts coming your way in the next day or so.  I really need to stop letting weeks go by before I blog again cause it feels so overwhelming when I actually sit down to get caught up and, well, that's no fun for anyone.  So many times I've been close to saying 'screw it' and scrapping my blogging but then I look back on everything I've written about the past almost 7 years and know I'll regret not keeping this perfect little digital baby book for the, here I am, blogging at you again!!! HAHA!

I thought I'd share a few favorite snaps from the past few weeks...and then offload some more specific posts for ya to come.  Enjoyyyyyyy ;-) 

More fun to come your way soooooooon! :) 

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