Patrick's 1st Birthday Shenanigans

My little guy had an awesome first birthday!  Well, that's what I'm telling myself at least, because even though he's still one, he can't form sentences nor words besides ba ba ba ba, mamamamama, and dadadadada.

I thought I'd take you through Patrick's big day with a little photo journey--I actually documented the day on instagram with the hashtag #patrickrayturns1 throughout the day--I thought it would be a fun little thing to and to catalog.  Mike was off and I took the day off too so we could both spend it with our big one year old!

We started the day with the little guy waking up about 9am with the biggest smile on his face.  I, of course, told myself that he MUST know it's his birthday, hence his excitement for starting the day.

We put on his new Dino SoftBums dipe from his buddy Huck, and then he got to indulge in a Pepin birthday-morning treat: donuts!

This has always been a tradition with my side of the family, and I told Mike we were going to replicate it for ours (because, honestly, when do donuts ever not make you happy?!!)

He absolutely LOVED the donuts!  He had 1/2 of a chocolate longjohn with sprinkles and half of a glazed donut.  He couldn't shove them into his mouth fast enough!

After breakfast we went to the basement and showed Patrick his present from us: a giant ballpit!  At first, he was a little apprehensive, and definitely did not want to be in the ballpit by I jumped in with him and he slowly got acclimated.

Then, after a few short minutes, I hopped out and left him by himself and he absolutely loved it!  He loved grabbing the different balls and throwing them around.  This shot I got was probably my favorite pic from the entire day!  It totally captures his excitement level--I sure hope this sticks!  Ballpits ain't cheap little buddy!

We then headed to the doctor for Patrick's 12 month check up (and yes, I noticed I put "head side" instead of "head size" on his stats pic...I was just too busy to make another one!).  The doc gave him a glowing report and said he's hitting all of his important milestones and is a tank when it comes to his weight, height, and head size (duh, kid eats EVERY.SINGLE.THING. that's put in front of him!).  We get to give him juice now too--haven't ventured down that road yet, but I'm sure we will soon.  He'll love it I'm sure.

We then met up with my parents--Gramps and Gammie (finally they've settled on names! haha) for lunch at 5 Star Burgers in Kirkwood.  Patrick was quite excited to chow down on his burger and fries--and all of the burger garnishes too!  And I think Gramps and Grammie were excited to see their little man on his first birthday!  Our awesome waiter brought him some ice cream too, just because he turned one.  He loved it!

Then when we got home it was nap time (for Patrick, party-planning/decorating time for mom!), and since Patrick is one year old now, we let him sleep with a blanket at nap and bedtime!  (Although it's not like we couldn't have been doing this earlier...kid sleeps with everything else short of a butcher knife in his bed anyways!)  His little thumb-sucking gets me every.single.time.

Which Patrick napped I got this adorable picture from Lizzy wishing her big cousin a happy birthday!  I about melted--so dang cute!  I cannot wait until they get older--they are going to be best friends!

After nap we decided to head to the park.  We first hung up this awesome (and multi-use!) Kermit flag my mom made for Patrick's party (and any future Mooney parties!)--isn't it awesome?!!  That woman is talented!

We went to Kirkwood Park to swing and play--both Patrick and Scootie had a blast!  And the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

After the park we got home, ate a late dinner (salad and pizza), and all headed to bed.  I think we all were pretty wiped from all of the birthday events and needed to rest up for the big party the next day!  All in all I think Patrick had a fantastic birthday and I cannot wait to celebrate many MANY more with him in the future!

Oh, also, how cute is this stats pic I had made for Patrick?!!  A good family friend, who has her own "Lettered Life Shop" does this (that's all her handwriting!!), and I about freaked out when I saw how awesome it turned out!  If you need anything like this done (anything from invites to christmas cards), check her out!  She does amazing work!  (And yes, this has already been printed and is hanging in his room!) 

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