summer lovin' (& it's not even summer yet!)

Yeah, so fair warning here: I'll probably be blogging A LOT during the summer.  I'm hoping we get to most--if not all--of my summer bucket list, and I'm sure I'll want to share oodles of pictures and stories with you all!

Anyways, my summer is off to a great start--and technically it's not even summer {season-wise} yet!  We still have another few weeks before it is officially "summer" in the weatherman's books...but for now, since I'm not a'workin', it's most definitely for sure summer for me.

Patrick has totally gotten to do some fun stuff lately!  Primarily getting TWO trips down to Aunt Kate's lake in already!  Little man LOVES the pool and swimming--I have a feeling we are going to be spending a LOT of time this summer in the water--and that's totally fine with me!

After a few pool trips thus far, I went ahead and bought Patrick a "Puddle Jumper"--I have had soooo many friends tell me about how awesome these waterwing/life jacket hybrid learn to swim things are, so I went and got one.  Even though it says for 30lbs and up, Patrick is just a few pounds under that, so I figured I'd get them anyways and see if they fit: and they do!  Woo hoo!  I can't wait to have him try these bad boys out the next time we go to the pool...which is hopefully soon!

Like I said, Patrick really LOVES the water.  The most recent time we went down to Kate's lake and swam at her community pool I remembered (shockingly, cause I can't remember ANYTHING...EVER.  Baby brain never actually goes away people) my underwater camera and got to snap a few pics of Patrick swimming underwater and us playing in the pool.  He's such a little fish!

cruisin' around walking at the pool--he's probably walking about 1/2 the time now, and crawling 1/2 the time.

One of my now all-time favorite pictures! Dude is LOVING swimming under water!

Gammie did good with picking out this oh-so-adorable Octopus towel!

So yeah, Patrick loves the pool.  Prepare yourself for probably pool picture overload this summer!  And I apologize for those who follow me on Instagram too, where you end up seeing these pictures twice.  It's just so hard to resist capturing that cute little smile and his enthusiasm for the pool!

This past weekend Patrick and I went to Kate's lake with just the two of us--Mike had to work--and I had fun snapping some pics of him looking adorable outside Kate's house, swinging on the swings, and in his cute little orange shorts and wife beater shirt.

Then we also got to go meet dad at Ted Drewes while he was working earlier this week--that was awesome.  I wish I would have snapped more pics!  Patrick was clearly looking way tired in this pic after a long day of swimming.

We also got to have dinner at one of our favorite Kirkwood restaurants with uncle Danny while he was in town.  How flippin' old does Patrick look in this picture?  And that subtle little lip curl?!  OMG.  I die.

Our fabulous new neighbors had a big Memorial Day BBQ on Monday, and it was great getting to meet some of our new neighbors (and kids!  There's one little boy on the street who's just 3 days younger than Patrick!!) and get to know them.  Patrick was amazing--again--just chillin' for most of the BBQ in his little lawn chair...and rollin' up to the BBQ in style in his hat and sunnies.

Last night we got to celebrate uncle Brian's 28th birthday--and it was so great having the entire Mooney clan in town!  I suggested we do some family pics, since everyone would be there, then my sister-in-law Katie geniusly suggested that we all wear Cardinals gear for the pics!  How cute did these family pics turn out?!  Good call on the Cards gear Katie!  And good call Mike on pictures in front of the old green barn!

Of course, the kids stole the show.  These pics of them...I just DIE.  I can't handle the cuteness!

Also, I got some much-needed snuggle time in with Lizzy.  And then my baby fever went from 100 to 10000 in like .2 seconds.  Thanks Lizzy.

Wow.  What a start to the summer!  So much lovin' a'happenin' with the Mooneys!  Pool, babies, family, and a whole lotta food!

Here's to the rest of the summer and hoping it goes SLOWWWWW and is as amazingly fun as the past several days have been!  Summer, I LOVE YOU SO.

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