14 weeks.

14 weeks today!  Woot woot!  A good friend and I were talking via text yesterday about Jill Duggar and how she said recently (she's 2 weeks ahead of me, btw), "I can't believe I'm finally showing!"  and then I sent her a similar picture to the one below as a replying, adding, "Maybe I'll start showing next week."

I swear I've been fully showing since week 8!  Seriously.  Go look back here if you don't believe me.  But despite definitely showing and looking pregnant, I am feeling great, and, shockingly, still haven't gained any weight...although I'm sure that'll soon change because GOODBYE morning sickness!  Alex is feeling good and like her old self again!  It was weird, and almost instantaneous--as soon as the 2nd trimester hit, it was like, BOOM!  Nauseousness and sicky feeling was gone!--a very welcomed treat, I do admit.  I really hope I'm not jinxing anything, but I hope that part of this pregnancy is behind me.  I do feel like I've gotten a bit of an energy boost as well--although, I do admit I definitely haven't been as tired this go'round as I was with Patrick.  I did start taking Juice Plus back at the end of the summer, so I think that's really been helping with my energy level and not being so tired all the time.

I swear I've felt this kid move already.  Maybe it's just in my head, but every now and again I feel little flutters in my belly (but heck, it could just be gas too!) and I am convinced it's this kid moving.  I don't think I felt Patrick move till week 19 or 20 last time, so this would be like 6 weeks earlier, but hey, they say you feel #2 way sooner than you felt #1, so I'm going with that.

Well that's about all of the doosey week 14 wrap-up I've got for you this week.  It was riveting, wasn't it?!!  Until week 15...adios!

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