17 weeks.

First off, this week was a doosey to start off with.  If you missed it, go read my post about things not to say to a pregnant lady--probably one of my favorite posts to date.  I then followed up with this pic on IG, cause haters gonna hate, and I'm embracing rockin' the bump, so there, nasty comments and text messagers.

Anyways, so yay!  17 weeks!  A little less than 3 weeks away from the halfway point anatomy scan (ultrasound), which I am excited about.  I can't wait to see this little guy or gal looking a lot bigger and different than the jelly bean they looked like at 7 weeks.  Mike has to work later that day, and I'm hoping and praying that this Ferguson stuff doesn't prohibit him from coming to the scan--I'm scared he's going to be caught up at work and/or have to go in extra early and not be able to come.  Ughhh, if that happens I'll totally reschedule to a time when, amidst the chaos that I have a feeling will ensue with the upcoming Grand Jury decision, that he's able to come.  Positive thoughts on that front are appreciated :)

So it's week 17 and I'm feeling really good!  Although I have felt way more tired this week--not sure if that's pregnancy related or just the fact that I feel like I 'go go go' all day long and by the time I get home and after dinner and chasing Hurricane Patrick around I'm about to collapse.  Let's just say I really really love the weekends :)  I did have kind of a crazy week last week--I had this weird eye issue (that actually had been bothering me for some time) so I went to the eye doc and it turns out my eyes have gotten significantly drier since I had PRK surgery back in February, therefore when I sleep they're not really lubricated, so when I go to open my eyes, they "stick" to my lids and in turn "tear" part of my eyeball.  Um, yes, you just said OUCH...and you are right.  SO DARN PAINFUL.  Anyways, I couldn't take it anymore so I went in and the doc told me this was happening.  She gave me some antibiotic gel to put in my eyes 4x a day, and then I went back at the end of the week and it was all cleared up, thankfully.  Now I have this other gel goop that I put in my eyes before I go to bed every night so they stay lubricated and don't rip--a week in, and so far so good!  No fire-piercing pain in my eyeballs when I open my eyes from sleeping!  Hope it continues to stay that way!

I will note that Strange Donuts opened literally a mile away from school AND on the exact street I take to get to work, so I've gone, um, A LOT.  The guy yesterday even said to me when I walked in, "Oh hey!  You're back again!" which I then justified my visit by saying this was on my way to work, and I have a hungry fetus attached to me who's demanding donuts all day every day.  My friend Lauren kindly told me, when I told her this story, "You don't need to explain yourself.  He understands.  He knows their donuts are amazing."  I instantly felt better about my many-times-a-week trips to Strange.

Overall nothing else really exciting this week, other than I definitely feel this kiddo moving a lot more now (excited for that to keep going!) and my growing belly is definitely a sign that the something that is in there is growing too :)  Until week 18...adios!

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