Patrick Tales | 02

Almost a year ago I bloggity-blogged a little number about Patrick Tales -- basically a little video montage of all things Patrick was doing at a year and a half old and how I thought they were adorably cute and funny.

WELL!  Times have a'changed, and this little man is still ha-larious, but in a new way from last year: he's communicating, and understandably (for the most part) at that!  It's like the coolest thing ever to watch your kid grow up and learn to communicate.

Anyways, I'm totes copying off of my buddies Lauren and Tiff, who document what their two year old little guys say (Huckisms from Tiff's Huck, and Camden Says from Lauren's Cam)...who I believe got the idea from our fave blogger Grace over at Camp Patton and her documenting of Julia Styles--aka what her little lady says.

I should add a disclaimer that I'm probably the only one who thinks these are hilarious (and maybe my mom and Mike too), but whatevs.  I figured the blog is the perfect place to document such Patrick Tales and sayings so I have a digital archive to look back on and reminisce about his cute 2 year old self when he's a teenager and making me want to gouge my eyes out with hot pokers (not really!  --but maybe...).

Anyways, for your reading pleasure, the second installment of Patrick Tales, first installment of actual communicable version.  You're welcome.

Alex: Patrick, what's your favorite animal to see at the Zoo?
Patrick: Ride choo choo!

Coming out of his room after he wakes up from nap time and Rosie is still snoozing in her room...he turns to her room and flings the door open:
Patrick: {screaming} SHHHHHHH! Ro Ro sleepinggggg!

Changing his diaper after he wakes up from his nap:
Patrick: Play water table!
Alex: No buddy, I'm sorry we can't, it's raining outside.
Patrick: Play water table in garage!
I couldn't think of a comeback quick enough because his logic was sound, yet didn't want to do the water table anywhere today, let alone the garage!

Driving over the railroad tracks:
Patrick: Ohhhhh wowwwwww!
Alex: did you like going over those buddy?
Patrick: Choo choo trackssssss.

Whenever we're talking on the phone to anyone:
Patrick: Nee Nee?!
Alex: No buddy, it's not Nee Nee.
Patrick: Call Nee Nee {and runs and grabs his iPad to FaceTime her}

He's learned the "right" answers to questions we repeatedly ask him, so he will always respond to these questions this same way, and for some reason we think it's hilarious.
Alex: What does Nee Nee Say?
Patrick: {screaming} RAYYYYYY! 

Alex: What does mom say?
Patrick: {screaming} MIKEEEEEE!

Alex: What does Goose say?
Patrick: {screaming} KATEEEEE!

Alex: Who is your favorite news anchor?
Patrick: Kay Twin!

Alex: What is your favorite social media?
Patrick: MySpace!

Alex: What is your dad's name?
Patrick: Peace officer Moooooo-ney.

He's snack crafty:
Alex: Do you want a snack?
Patrick: App-pa. {aka applesauce pouch}
I go open the pantry door and he grabs the Oreos.

Whenever we drive past the pool:
Patrick: Pool Emma and Annnnnnnn.
Alex: No buddy, we're not going to the pool today.
Patrick: {screaming} POOL EMMAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

His lately nightly jam, laying in his crib after we've put him to bed:
I go in there...
Alex: Patrick, this is the only time I'm coming in here to put your blanket on.  I'm going to bed and so is everyone else. {I put his blankets on}
Patrick: {giggles} night night mama.
10 seconds after I've walked out...
Patrick: MOMMMMM!  Wa-waaaaaa!
I go back in, grab his sippy cup, and walk into the kitchen...
Patrick: Ice peasssss!

Mr. Independent likes to push Rosie's stroller cart and Goose's wheelchair unassisted:
{I try and steer the cart/wheelchair away from the wall}
Patrick: NO! STAAAAPPPPHHHH!  Mine! {and he swats my hand away}
Alex: Patrick I need to help you and make sure you don't crash into the wall or other people.
Patrick: I do it.

So I'm sure there's a zillion other things he's said that I KNOW I laughed at but, of course, can't think of now.  BUT FEAR NOT!  I've created a note in my phone to write (type) down these hilarious 2 year oldisms in the future so I can have them all documented and saved until I type up another installment of Patrick Tales.  I'm sure you're just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for it.  Hehehe.  Enjoy your weekend friends!

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