Rosie is 19 weeks old today.  Boo freaking hoo.  Going way too fast.  Okay, off that soap box for now (I'm sure I'll be back on it laterrrrrr, don't you worry!).

Anyways, I had a genius idea--not really, I totally stole this from someone else--for her 19 week weekly photo:

BOOM.  The best #tbt ever, amirght?!  I totally made that onesie for Miss Rosie: I scanned her 19 week ultrasound pic (which if you remember my post back in November you can see the actual full size ultrasound pic there) and printed it and #tbt on iron on transfer paper and put it on a onesie.  How cool is that?!  The one I saw had some generic ultrasound pic on it, so I wanted the one I did to be a pic actually of Rosie. 

Of course I couldn't just take ONE weekly pic, I had to sit her up for some pics as well.  I posted this pic on the instagram and Facebook as well, and I really REALLY hope no one things it's a pregnancy announcement...cause, COME ON PEOPLE!  Look at the #tbt hashtag!  Ro Ro is throwin' it back at 19 weeks old to her 19 week ultrasound pic.  So clever.

And I had to do a little profile comparison pic as well too, cause I did the same for Patrick at 20 weeks (his midway ultrasound was at 20 weeks, Rosie's was at 19 weeks) and I'm sharing this with you as well, cause you know I live for comparison pics...ALWAYS...and here's Patrick's below too, just in case you're curious :)

Okay, that's about all I've got wayyyyyy too early on this Monday morning!  I'm off to drop the burritos off at the grandparents (well, one burrito, the other one is already there--sleepover!) and off to my first day of school with the students.  Here's to a great Monday and a great school year! --that I hope slowly flies by (follow that?!!) so I can savor baby time with my kiddos butttt goes fast enough so that summer gets here and we can spend all day playing again!  THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

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