I couldn't come up with a creative name for this post, so {Untitled} it is.  And it's kind of fitting, seeing as it's about our weekend that didn't happen.

Last week was my first full week of school with the students.  Honestly, it was a fantastic week--I really like my students, my classes are going to be great again this year, and I really love my co-workers.  I think my second year at UA is going to be a great one!

However, despite how great my first week was, I.am.pooped.  Seriously.  So darn exhausted, and this always happens when I'm back at school after being off all summer.  And maybe I'm even more so tired cause I have 2 burritos now as well?!  But boy, I was sure looking forward to this weekend.  We had been planning a lake weekend at my aunt's since June (this was Mike's first weekend off since July) and we were so excited about it.

Welllll, wouldn't ya know it?!  Another police shooting happened.  I am completely and utterly resisting adding my comments about all of that jazz to this post--that may or may not be a post for another day--but needless to say Mike's days off got canceled and he's on mandatory 12 hour 7am - 7pm shifts until further notice.  Fan-freaking-tastic.  To say I was upset (neigh, AM upset) is an understatement: I was, and still am, livid.  Our family time together is super limited when I'm back working and with Mike's schedule, so when we do get a weekend off together and it's canceled mama bear here gets really upset.  Anyways, so our weekend plans didn't happen...and Mike's weekend off next weekend (a very rare happening of two weekends off in a row) looks like it'll be canceled too.  Greatttttt.

So, despite Mike being super tired and exhausted himself when he gets home and sees the kids for 30 minutes before he goes to bed, he's in good spirits--way better than I am (he is the rational one most of the time. ha!).  Anyways, I thought I'd do a little therapeutic (naptime) blogging about our week and weekend to take my mind off Mike seemingly eternally working and me and the kids missing him oh-so-much.

Okay.  Focus on the positive Alex.  Whew.  Here we go.

So Friday ended my crazy week very well--we got to meet up with my good buddy from college Lauren and her kiddos (who live in Seattle but were in town for a wedding) for an hour and it was soooooo good.  We talk almost everyday so it was great to meet her little lady Zoey and have Patrick run around with her son Cam.  I brought my big camera and snapped some pics for them (you can check them out here) and I'm so glad I did cause we got some great shots!!  I wish we didn't live so far apart...but since we do when we do get to catch up in person it's so much better!

So Saturday Mike jetted off to work nice and early and I actually slept in (!!!) till about 8:30.  It was wonderful.  Both burritos decided to sleep in till about 9 so that was oh-so-glorious as well.  Naturally after we got up and got breakfast I reverted to my happy place and snapped some pics of my chalupas and that always makes me happy happy happy.

We then continued our happy place seeking and went to "mom's favorite store" (which Patrick always says, "TARGET!" when asked what it is) to do some damage.  Shockingly we were pretty good even though it'd had been 3 (WHATT?!!!) weeks since we last went there.  We got the grocery shopping and some other household shopping done too.  And I only had one impulse buy: a Beatles shirt for Patrick.  I mean, he NEEDED it, right?!  RIGHT.

Later Saturday after naps for the kiddos we headed over to my mom's to celebrate my sister in law Erin's 27th birthday.  We were suppose to do this celebration at my aunt's lake, but that got canceled due to Mike not coming (and it also poured most of the day, so I guess it worked out).  Both kiddos sure enjoyed the family time they got while there, and Patrick sure loved helping aunt Erin open her gifts and blow out her candles!

BOTH great-grandmas were there and they sure enjoyed the snuggles with their great-grandkids.  These two are so lucky to have both of their great-grandmas kickin' still!  Clearly both of them enjoyed their time with them :)

By the time we got home Mike had just gotten home for work--just in time to do bath and bedtime routines before putting the kiddos to bed.  I showed Mike my (Patrick's) new diaper my aunt Kate's friend Carol made and OMG, isn't it the coolest thing EVER?!  I love Wicked and cloth diapers (no secret there) and this combines both of them!  It's just perfect!  EEEKKKKK!!!

Also, Rosie clearly gets this face from her mama.  She can mean-mug like no other.  Ha!  I love this little lady so much.

Sunday morning it was kinda rainy, so I text my friends Kari and Ann and we decided to meet up in the playplace at the Galleria and let the kids run around and then grab lunch at the food court.  They clearly had a great time--and Patrick loved hanging with his older friends and being just like them--tackling them in the play area, and refusing to eat in his high chair an insisting on sitting with them on the bench like a big boy (side note: I think our high chair days are numbered by the way...he sure loves to sit with the big kids).

Both kids are currently on hour 3 (!!!) of their afternoon siestas and I was able to get a load of laundry done, all of Rosie's 12 month clothes packed up and put away (cause they were literally stretching to fit), the dishes done, my lunches cooked and made for the entire week, a batch of banana chocolate chip muffins made, and 2 episodes of ER watched.  I feel kinda productive!  BUT!  I do miss Mike.  These 12 hour days are hard hard hard and I wouldn't wish them on anyone.  Silver lining: he's making bank this month with overtime, but, I'd rather be poor and have family time than have him gone and be rich.  Life lesson from Alex on this Sunday.

Have a good week friends!  If you're the praying or positive-thought thinkin' type, please pray for peace in STL.  This is getting absolutely crazy, and taking a toll on me mentally and physically...and I'd love for it to stop...SOON.

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