The Setting Suns of Summer

Summer is fading quickly, my friends.  Not only is school back in session, but the weather has cooled here in STL (probably temporarily, but still, feels oh-so-much like fall!) and pumpkin everything is starting to hit the shelves.

Monday and Tuesday this week I was off work home with two sick little bear cubs--which, I can safely report that both are better and back to their old chipper selves!  YA-freaking-HOO.  Sick babies are the worst thing ever (especially when they're pukey sick) so I was oh-so-glad to get that sickness outta my house.  Hopefully we can make it a good long stretch before anyone, parents included, gets sick again.  Fingers crossed.

BUT!  They sure are cute when they're sick though, amiright?!  I snapped these pics on Tuesday when everyone still wasn't 100% and dang, they sure make sickness look good.

And here's a fun little meme for anyone who thinks I get adorable pictures of my kids all the time.  I mean, I do, but not without taking 99 awful pictures, as seen above, first.

Patrick is in this mode currently where he likes to grab Scooter's iPhone (aka a deactivated old iPhone 4S that I use to manage all of Scooter's social medias on) and pretend to talk to someone on it.  Naturally he always strikes the most perfect pose and I snap a pic and whip it into a meme...and then die laughing.  You're welcome.

Patrick really loves his Ro Ro to be around him all.the.time.  Seriously.  He loves his little sister so much and always has to be by her--like when he wanted her in his police car with him, or insists that she sit next to him (and fall asleep, apparently) at the dinner table.  It is so darn cute and makes my mama heart explode every.single.time.

I worked yesterday morning (Mike was home and reassured me everyone was on the mend) so when I got home from work both burritos were just getting up from their siestas and both were happy little clams--big smiles post eating from Ro Ro and an intense coloring sesh from Patrick.

Before dinner I was perusing the Instagram and I came across Cotton Babies' pic, which, low and behold, was my {Scooter's} pic I'd posted a while back with the babes in their cloth dipes!  I had a little fan girl moment over them posting it and was so glad to see the dog cloth love being represented.

I also donated 1100 ounces of breast milk yesterday too!  Brings my donation total up to 3500 ounces thus far (10,000 is my goal!), and it feels really good to spread the mama's milk love around.

Since it was such a gorgeous night out last night, I decided to load Rosie in the Tula (not before snapping a matching headband selfie with her first, of course), grab my camera, and let Patrick play outside in the driveway for a bit before bath time.  I don't take the kiddos outside solo nearly enough as I should (I'm working on it!!) just because it seems like a chore, but I'm committing myself to do it more and more and get the kiddies some fresh air and outdoorsy time before siestaland comes around.  My mom and I have big plans next weekend to organize and clean out the garage, which hopefully will make toys easier to find and play with (as opposed to now where they're just all jumbled and tossed everywhere).

I love where the sun sets by our house, because it makes for some awesome pictures.  Luckily my little man was being fairly cooperative with me as I both managed to carry Rosie in my Tula AND snap these pics of him playing with his police car in the front yard.  I think they turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

I snapped this nice little candid pic while playing with the remote timer app for my Canon on my phone.  Patrick was clearly thrilled about it as you can tell :)

So that's about all I've got for today...I literally got home from school, showered, blogged, and now am heading to my mama's to eat dinner and fed Rosie before heading back up to school again for our Back to School Night.  I'm pooped...and I've only worked 2 days this week!  Somehow those days "off" on Monday and Tuesday were hardly that--sick kids are work people!

Anyways, have a fantastic rest of your Thursday...enjoy the nice weather if you're in STL, and have a great weekend!  I have 3 (!!!) photoshoots on my plate this weekend...ekkkk!  Gonna be busy.  Luckily Mike is *suppose* to be hopefully I won't have to enlist any babysitters while I'm gone.

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