When it Rains it Pours...

Geez louise!  When it rains it pours.  SERIOUSLY.  So this past weekend all our plans got jolted cause of Mike's schedule.  Fine.  We pressed on an adapted.  Welllllll, his 12 hour shifts got canceled (!!!) and he was back on 8 hours starting today, however, instead of switching over to his favorite 3pm - 11pm shift, he was staying on 7am - 3pm for the next couple days and switching over to afternoons later this week...therefore we had to find all day sitters for a few days this week.

Well, we were awoken around 5:30am this morning by shrieked screamings.  Both Mike and I woke up and were like, "Is that Rosie?!"  Nope.  'Twas Patrick.  We waited a minute to see if he just had a bad dream and if he'd go back to sleep.  Nope.  So I got up and went in there and picked him up, thinking it was a bad dream to snuggle and OMG.  Bad idea.  Vomit everywhere, and now all over me.  Gahhhh!

The poor guy threw up all over himself and his bed.  GROSSSSS.  Mike came in and we cleaned him up and changed his bedding and threw it all in the wash and put him back down with his iPad to see if he'd fall back asleep.  Well, just as Mike was getting ready to leave for work, he went in and said goodbye and guess who threw up again?!  Yup.  Poor guy.  He got a bath then...and then I fed Rosie and she fell back asleep.

I decided I'd take a sick day (my first ever for such a reason!) because Patrick needed (or I wanted, more true probably) me home with him today.  My aunt Kate had spent the night because she was going to watch the kiddos while we were at work, but since I was staying home she elected to stay the morning and help me with the kiddos...glad she did...cause Patrick ended up puking again on the couch.  Lovely.

Patrick took up residence either on the couch or the hardwood watching his beloved Disney movies (Ice Age and Monsters, Inc. are his current faves) all morning...and Rosie got up around 9:30am (well I woke her up).  I ran out to drop something off at the post office, and when I came back my aunt said, "I think Scooter pooped in the living room.  It stinks."  Welp, that was not Scooter--it was Patrick and his poor cloth diaper didn't stand a chance, cause somehow he got it up his back and in his hair! OMG. GROSSSS.

Guess who got another bath?!  Yep.  Gahhhh.  BUT!  Positive!  After his bath, it seemed that he was back to his old self: laughing, asking for food, running around playing with his toys, and being his typical wild child self.  Oh good, definitely food poisoning it seemed (probably from a bad piece of fried chicken he had for dinner last night).

Wellllll, wouldn't ya know it?!  Rosie then felt hot.  Great.  I took her temp: 101.  DANG NABIT.  Poor little thing!  She felt warm and was just snuggly all morning.  Gahhhh!  I suspected it was from teething, cause I swear she's got 2 little toothies trying to poke through on the bottom...but gahhh!  When it rains it pours: why can't just one kid be sick when the other can be too?!

I gave Ro Ro some Tylenol and tossed her in my sling and we headed outside for a bit of fresh air with my aunt and Patrick.  That seemed to help, because girlfriend then ate like a champ when she got back instead and promptly passed out.  My aunt headed out and I thanked her up and down left and right for her help this morning.

How cute is her onesie?!  And how ripped is my 2 year old's quad in the background?!

Anyways, I put them both down for a nap, high-fived myself for dealing with this circus...and popped in a pizza for my for lunch.  I jumped in the shower, cause I feel like I had puke, poo (probably from 2 sources), and baby spitup all over me (I probably actually did.  GROSSSS).  When I got out I heard Rosie screaming bloody murder--much like Patrick was this morning but tiny baby girl screams.  WHAT???!!  She NEVER EVER screams or cries!  I gave her a few minutes to see if she'd calm herself down and fall back asleep--nope.  GREAT!  I was starving and needed lunch, but Rosie needed some snuggles, so Tula to the rescue!

I tossed that unhappy clam in there and, not kidding, 5 minutes later, she was snoring hardcore.  I was able to eat my pizza (albeit getting some crumbs on her head.  Oops.) and Rosie could snooze away.  I win.

I successfully transferred her back to her crib and she only cried for a split second before falling back to sleep.  Both kiddos now have been napping for 2 hours (well, Rosie on and off with some Tula napping in there as well) and I hope they sleep for at least another hour or so.  They both need it.

I'm hoping and praying that bedtime tonight goes smoothly for Rosie--that whatever is paining here (teeth???) remedies it self soon and she's back to her smilely, sometimes resting bitch faced self.  And hoping Patrick's little stomach bug was just that: food poisoning, and that it's gone gone gone forever.  And we'll never be eating fried chicken again either.  Fingers crossed.  Happy Monday friends!

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