Rosie at 4 Months

Four months old is my little meatball today!  Where or where has the time gone?!  Broken record...again...get use to it every month peeps, cause the time is surely flying by.  We have Rosie's 4 month check up tomorrow, so official doctor stats then, but for now you live with mama Alex stats.  I think we'll get the green light tomorrow to start solids, butttttt I think we may hold off another month or two cause Rosie is sleeping oh-so-well, I've just started back at school, she doesn't seem interested in food (held a french fry up to her the other day and she just looked away), and, selfishly, it's just so darn easier (diaper laundry too!) not having to mess with food justtttt yet.

Plus, Rosie just flops over like a wet noodle and is all "whatevvvsssss" most of the time (see below), so I don't think she's ready to tackle the food just yet.

Anywho, Rosie is 17 whole weeks old (this past Monday) and I know you love these cute little collage photos, so here ya go (but I couldn't figure out how to get 17 pics evenly in one square pic, cause, math = hard, so here's a giant 17 week pic and collage pic of weeks 1-16).  Girlfriend sure is growing up, isn't she?!  Too fast!  Too fast!  And, #thoselegs.  OMG.  I want to eat them.

Rosie has done all sorts of amazing things since 3 months old, so let me fill you in a bit on all of the awesome baby stuff she's's riveting I tell ya!

  • Rosie weighs 18 pounds even.  Patrick at 4 months old was 17lbs. 13oz.  Girlfriend still continues to pass him up every single month!  We'll see tomorrow at her checkup how long she is, but my guess is she's about 25ish inches, give or take.
  • Rosie wears all 12 month clothes, and a few 12-18 and 18 month clothes as well.  She is a chunkkkkkk.  Especially those thighs--wayyyyy bigger than her brother's at 4 months old! 
  • Little lady started sleeping 11-13 hour stretches (usually right at 12 hours) a night a few weeks ago and it's glorious, oh so glorious!  She goes to bed by 8pm, and usually sleeps till 6-8am (or even sometimes 9am!!) the next morning.  It is amazing.  Honestly, for my boobies' schedule, I like when she wakes up at 6am cause I can feed her then pump and put her back down to go to sleep (she'll sleep till 9-10am then).  BUT!  I am not complaining at all when she decides to sleep 12 or 13 straight hours, cause that means I usually get a good solid 8 hours of sleep.  I am hoping and praying she doesn't have any sort of sleep regression (Patrick never did) and just keeps this up.  Fingers crossed!
  • Rosie takes 1 nap a day, usually from 1pm - 4pm, the same time as Patrick (which is ahhhhh-mazing! Both babies napping at the same time is oh so glorious).  She may doze off in the morning before her nap or in the evening before bath/bedtime, but not usually.  She's a one nap a day gal and I love love love that both of my babies are napping at the same time.  Saves my sanity!
  • Usually goes a good 3.5-4 hours now in between bottle feedings, but will still nurse often on the weekends and when I'm home.  She seriously likes and prefers it from the source it seems!  The bottles she does take are usually 8 ounces and she guzzles them down.  When she nurses she eats like crazy too--she really REALLY likes her some mama's milk.
  • She's found her thumb!  She has become an avid left (just like Patrick!) thumb sucker and will pop that thumb in if she needs to soothe herself or uses it to fall asleep--although she prefers the left, she'll suck her right thumb occasionally as well.  Last month I think I posted about how she'll cry and whine when we put her to sleep for nap or bedtime, and she does not do this anymore.  She usually is asleep 5-10 minutes after we lay her down, and usually only a quiet moan out of her as she sucks away on her thumb.  Yay for self-soothing!
  • LOVES being carried in the Tula or ring sling (at the pool!).  She's even mastered nursing in the Tula which is AH-MAZING!  I absolutely love babywearing and I love how much she loves it too.  It makes outings soooo much easier when I can just toss her in there and have two hands free to look after Patrick.  Let's hope it keeps up!
  • Now that I'm back to work, she's getting more bottles...but still prefers to nurse only from me (she will NOT take a bottle from me--or take it from anyone else if I'm around).  If I'm home and she needs to eat, I nurse her.  Everyone else can give her a bottle and she's good to go, but girlfriend likes her food directly from the source when her mama is around.
  • Cries wayyyyy less than she use to.  Rarely really belts out a cry (usually if she's just overly tired or hungry), but most of the time she's a happy little lady!  Although she is quite stingy with her smiles--I do capture a lot of them on camera, but she really prefers resting bitch face most of the time.  It cracks me up!  I think this is because she is just so observant and watching and taking in everything that's going on around her.
  • Guess who hasn't rolled over?!  Hasn't even come close!  Haha!  Rosie is not a roller...yet?!!  She does go on her side (likes to snooze on either side at night), but hasn't mastered rolling back to belly...or belly to back.  I'm sure it'll come--Patrick started rolling over right before he hit 4 months, but, to be honest, Rosie seems to have a lot more meat and chunk on her than Patrick did, so I think it's hard for her to flip.  It'll come soon, but, honestly, this is an indicator for me that she's probably not ready for solids yet if she can't even roll over!
  • She's sat up in her bouncy play seat thingy a few times and seems to enjoy that!  She may still be a wittle too small for it, but we wedge blankets around her and she seems to do fine in it.  Patrick is way jealous she gets to be in it and will try and take her out and/or climb in.
  • Her personality seems to be coming through more and more each day!  She's definitely a very chill little lady who still likes to be held and snuggled and enjoys watching whatever is going on around her.  She especially likes taking baths with her brother and doesn't mind him splashing her or pouring water all over her.
  • She's been to the pool (and in even!) a few times and definitely doesn't hate it!  But I don't know if she likes it either...she's got her permanent RB face on most of the time.  But no tears to me equals a happy little lady.
Here's Rosie from 0 to 4 months...almost 10 pounds heavier from just born to now!  WAHHHHH!  Why is she growing up so fast?!!

And another one of my favorite comparison pics: Rosie at 4 months and Patrick at 4 months.  I definitely am seeing more and more similarities, but I notice way more differences than similarities.  She looks sooooo much like Mike it's scary!

That's about all I've got for Rosie at 4 months...I'll try and blog her 4 month checkup tomorrow with all of those fun stats and milestones from the doc.  And, I'm sure when we start food that'll get a blog post all to itself as well!  I was super gung-ho to start food ASAP with Patrick, but not so much with Rosie.  I felt like he was more ready at 4 months than she was...and I was more ready then too!  So we'll see when we decide to start...probably more like 5-6 months...but, mark my word, if she starts sleeping awful then food it is!  Sleep is key 'round these parts.  'Till 5 months, adios peeps!

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