13 weeks.

13 weeks.  It has literally FLOWN by.  I cannot believe that the second trimester starts next week (or heck, this week says some trimester timelines) -- I really hope the 2nd trimester is as wonderful as I remember it was the last two go'rounds.

So I actually started back at work yesterday.  Gosh, this summer went fast.  TOO fast.  I cannot believe the school year is about to start soon!  Gah!  Anyways, with that I'm back at school.  Fortunately this past week I've felt better -- still not 100% myself, still don't have my appetite back, and still haven't completely kicked the nausea but I am REALLY hoping it's on its way out.  I still haven't gained any weight -- still down about 20 pounds since I found out, but my tummy is definitely popping out more and more everyday with this growing babe!  I cannot wait to feel movement -- hopefully soon!!

Last week I had my 12 week OB appointment, and my OB was actually out of town.  Ugh.  I'm such a creature of habit that I don't like seeing new people, but whatever.  I saddled up for an appointment with the nurse practitioner.  She was nice, but I wasn't feeling good and wasn't in the mood to rehatch my entire history with her.  She did say I won't feel the baby move until week 20, and I rolled my eyes because I KNOW I was feeling legit kicks by week week 16 last time, and flutters and such even before then...so I'm sure it'll be before week 20 that I feel something.  Anyways, when she got out the doppler she tried for a minute and then said, "I can't find the heartbeat." So for most people this would have completely freaked them out -- but I had just heard the heartbeat last night on my own doppler so I wasn't worried.  I so wanted to asked her for the probe and to let me try, but instead she said they got a new ultrasound machine she was itching to try out so she went and got that and sure enough, there was baby and his/her heartbeat fluttering away on the screen at 174bpm.  We also saw a good size head, two arms, and two legs too!  So everything looked good from that! :)

So that's about all I've got for week 13.  Well, and a little 13 week bump comparison pic for ya.  I guess I look about the same size? But I totally feel bigger.  Anxious to see how big #3 is measuring at his/her 20 week ultrasound in 7 weeks!  Gosh, I'm sure that's going to FLY by!  Until week 14, adios!

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