Backyard Snappin'

So last night I grabbed the kiddies, because it wasn't a zillion degrees out and the sunset hour was upon us, and did a few backyard snaps.

We were outside for all of 5 minutes before I realized how terrible of an idea this was because, OMG holy mosquitos!  Poor Ro got bit like 3 times on her face.  Mom of the year.  Next time I'll load us up with the bug spray that was conveniently located by the back door but I totally missed and didn't put on.  Oops.

But!  How cute are these snaps I got?!  Patrick's smile just melts my heart and Rosie's pure inquisitiveness is just the cutest.  And the shot of all of them with Scooter obviously not feeling a group picture is hilarious and awesome.

I have been so partial lately to the black and white pics I've done...I've gotten some amazing presets from Greater Than Gatsby for Lightroom and am just LOOOOOVING them.  I mean, the color ones are great too because #holyvibrant, but there's something real and raw and magical about black and white pics.  Gosh I want to print all of these!

Anyways, enjoy this photo dump of our backyard snappin' from last night.

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