This and That.

I guess I should have titled this "yet another photo dump post", cause, alas, that's what it is.  Sorry.

I realized there are a ton of pics I haven't shared and/or documented about in a while...and I felt the need to do that, cause #digitalbabybook.

Also!  I am hoping to have another Patrick Tales post soon too cause that kid is freaking hilarious and it's been a hot minute since I blogged all about the funny stuff he's, stay tuned for that.

I put this quick little collage together yesterday after I posted my 16 weeks update and HOLY CATS, this kid has totally popped out in the past few days I think!  I cannot believe the difference from week 15 to 16!  #3 is definitely growing!

Speaking of, I spent my first day at school running to my allergist.  Turns out I have a double ear infection and sinus infection.  GREATTTTTT.  She gave me some antibiotics which aren't really doing much cause I still feel awful, my ears hurt and I can't hear out of them, and I just feel blah.  Which I was just starting to feel normal again because my appetite was coming back (yay!) and the nausea was pretty much gone and BAM!  Now this.  Ugh.  Hope it goes away soon.  #3 seems unaffected because he/she is growing like crazy and giving me cravings for chicken noodle soup from Bread Co...which I treated myself to SOLO (!!!) before picking Patrick up from school on Monday.  Was a rare and welcomed treat, I must say.

Meanwhile, on Monday while Patrick was at school Ro got to hang with aunt Kate and she busted out her headband to keep her locks back and I cannot get over how cute she looks in these pics!  Now if she'd only keep her headbands ON for longer than 10 seconds, that'd be greatttt.

I did snap a selfie with her and her adorable headband when I got home before she yanked it off.  YOLO.

He's such a good poser for pics lately!  Had to snap a pic on his first Monday of school!  He loves school so much, and so do we!

My high school friend Laura, who lives in Iowa but who's parents live not too far from us, text me that she was in town this weekend and asked if we wanted to come over and swim in her parents new pool.  Um, YES PLEASE!  It was so much fun -- Patrick had a blast and Rosie preferred being in her natural eating habitat and playing lifeguard while stuffing her face.

Ro got some new kicks from my mom and we've really been trying to encourage her to walk AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  I think it's helping, she's been taking a few steps here and there, so I hope and pray walking is right around the corner for her!  Fingers crossed.  She does look so old and grown-up with her new shoes and not her signature barefoot look, doesn't she?!

I had a few photoshoots last weekend and when I imported the pics from my camera I found these two gems that I guess I didn't edit or look at before!  I love finding those kinds of pics...and they must've been from one of Patrick's lake weekends since he wasn't in any of them.

My mother-in-law sent me this from a party they went to over the weekend and I love it so much.  Papa and Patrick matching!  LOVE IT.

The kids (furry and not so much) have an obsession lately with sunglasses!  And I encourage it so much because kids and dogs in sunnies is just the cutest thing in the world.

One of our last days of summer we went to the Museum of Transportation with our buddies the Polans and Patrick INSISTED on dressing like an engineer, so, I obliged.  I mean, if he's not the cutest little engineer you've ever seen, I don't know who is. #SoBiased.

I just can't handle her cuteness sometimes.  And the subtle little thumb sucking on top of that just slays me.

Last week I was mowing our super long but kinda wet lawn and the damn mower kept dying...well, our 85+ year old neighbor took mercy upon me and my struggles and came over and finished mowing our entire yard for me!  How sweet was that?!  Seriously, I love our neighborhood SO MUCH.

We have THREE cars.  And we have car seats for TWO of them.  Well, sometimes we need to drive that third car with the kids, so, alas, we buy more car seats!  Patrick's new seat came yesterday and Ro was testing it out for us.  She totally could fit in it but it's a forward facing only seat so not quite yet is she ready for it...soon though if she keeps growing like she is!

My brothers, kids, Mike and I went to see my grandma the other night.  It was great to talk and catch up with her -- despite how weak she is, her mind is sharp as a tack and she's easy to talk to and remembers most that's good.  Patrick tried to give her a fist bump but instead just ended up doing some tickly jazz hands instead which was super cute.

Okay!  That's all I've got!  I feel like I've photo dumped you and gotten everything caught up for my loyal 3 readers.  I hope you've enjoyed my ramblings...and now I hope I can REMEMBER and write up some funny Patrick Tales for another post soon.  Stay tuned!

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