15 weeks.

LITERALLY as soon as I hit publish on my 14 weeks post I swear I felt this kid move.  Actually I'm pretty sure I felt him/her move a couple times early on at 14 weeks but since I haven't felt anything again!  So who knows, maybe it was movement or maybe it was just gas.  Haha.  But I'm hoping the real movements and flutters come soon!!

So!  15 weeks!  I do feel better than I did a week ago, but still definitely not 100%.  My appetite is kind of back; I'm hungry but when I do eat it's not my ravenous amount of foods I usually do.  It's literally a few bites then I'm done.  Annoying.  The nausea is pretty much gone, but still pops up randomly with pukey feelings now and again, and then my appetite is definitely not back.  Ugh.  School officially starts tomorrow, and I am glad I am here and not at 6 weeks pregnant and feeling that awfulness like I was back 9 weeks ago, but I am still anxious to feel that amazingness of the 2nd trimester and eating everything in sight!

That's really about it...I go back to my OB in a couple weeks, and then I have my big halfway ultrasound and setting my c-section date in 5 weeks!  EKKKK!  I can't believe it.  This pregnancy is really FLYING by.  I swear February will be here in a blink!  Until week 16 friends!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?Ramen Noodles
Overall mood?A smidgen moody...
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?Flutters once! But nothing since.

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