14 weeks.

HELLLLLLLOOOOOOO 2nd trimester!  I am so happy and excited to see you!  It's also my 31st birthday but I'm more excited about officially being 1/3rd of the way done cooking this kid.  I really REALLY hope you bring with you soon some morning sickness and nausea relief AND return my ravenous appetite.  Cause those things are still hanging around (or missing...appetite: I miss and love you so) and I'd rather they not be.  Especially cause I went back and read my 14 weeks post with Rosie and I was bragging all about how normal I felt again and that is most definitely not the case from this week.  Ugh.

So yeah, I started back at work last Monday and allllll week long I was plagued with nausea in the mornings.  Most days I got home and had to sit on the couch and chug water and then would feel better in the evenings (not like myself, but better enough to eat something and chase the kids).  Friday and Saturday this past week were particularly awful, like flashbacks to week 6-8 miserableness.  I am so ready to stop complaining on here about feeling so crappy!  I'm really hoping it starts to go away SOON.  I really just want my appetite back!

I still haven't gained any weight (and still down 20 pounds from when I first found out) but my belly most definitely keeps popping out more and more each day...

...I think this pic shows pretty spot on I am indeed bigger this go'round than I was last time.  The left pic was taken at exactly 14 weeks with Rosie, and the right was taken at 13w2d with #3.  Most definitely bigger.  #MonsterBaby

I actually don't go back to my doc for a few more weeks -- I have 5 weeks in between my 12 and 17 week appointment, and then just 3 between my 17 week and 20 week appointment and ultrasound.  However, having my own doppler gives me peace of mind to be able to listen to #3 whenever I want.  The other day Patrick listened too and it was the cutest.thing.ever.

Right?!  Adorable.  Anyways, not much else is happenin' 'round these parts for week 14.  I swore last pregnancy at this time I was feeling flutters (and then by week 16 felt full on movement) but I haven't felt anything of the sort this time yet.  I cannot wait to feel movement, and I wonder if I'm not feeling or noticing anything because of how crappy I've been feeling.  Just praying this nausea goes away!  Oh!  I did think it'd be fun to do a few weekly guesses/stats starting now (and I'm sure I'll add more once I think of them!) to see what I'm thinkin' #3 is and all that jazz.  It's always fun to look back on and see if I was right -- OR if my mind changed.  Enjoy.

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?none, too nauseous!
Overall mood?nauseous! no appetite!
Rings on or off?ON!

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