Behind the Scenes

Now that I have a few weddings under my belt, I feel really confident snapping them (especially with my trusty second-shooter along with me!)...and I'll be happy to take on more as the years come.

One of my favorite photog things are "behind the scenes" shots, where Mike or myself get the other photog in the picture!  Sometimes it's a great shot and we're easily removed in Photoshop, other times it's really just a snap to see what we look like while we're shooting!

From the wedding this past weekend Mike and I got some great behind the scenes shots, and I figured I'd set them aside to look at once I finished editing (in record time, nonetheless!) the wedding snaps.  I finally got around to looking at them today and they are so fun to look at!  Kind of gives you a glimpse into what we're doing behind the lens.

Anyways, just wanted to share these with you -- I love when parents/whomever get snaps of me taking pics during a photoshoot, so these were fun that Mike got them of me (and me of Mike!) while we were shooting a wedding!  It's so fun to see a "what you see vs. what I see" comparison...I'll let you go browse through here to see if you can find the mates to some of these above :)

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