Stir Crazy

Okay, this title might be a wittle bit misleading -- I am absolutely going STIR CRAZY over here!  But not for the reason you think -- I am happy and overjoyed to be a mama of 3 and getting a lot of time to stay home with them before heading back to school in May to wrap up the school year.  However, I am going stir crazy to get back outside snappin'!  This is probably the longest I've gone in a while not having weekend (or evening weekday!) photo sessions to do and I am literally ITCHING to get back into it and going stir crazy not being able to!

I have had a few newborn sessions (like little Sheldon's yesterday!) inside, which are quenching my snapping taste buds a bit, but I am anxious to get back outside with families and kiddos to snap!

I did get my new business cards in the mail (thanks to!) and I really love them, so now I'm even more anxious to get some sessions in and hand them out!

So!  Since I'm going stir crazy, I have my camera out A LOT to keep up my skills, editing practice, and obviously over-documenting my kiddos lives.  Yesterday it was absolutely GORGEOUS outside so Mike and I took the girls (Patrick was at school) and met Lizzy and Mike's dad at the park for the girls to play.

I decided to bring my big camera (again, itching to snap!) and snap some pics of the kiddos playing.  Obviously the lighting wasn't ideal since it was in the middle of the day, but I think I got some cute snaps of the girls.

Rosie had her sunnies on for most of the park date and it was the cutest thing EVER.  She kept putting them on, then taking them off and even holding them in her mouth while she played.  It was just adorable.

Annie just sat in her cart with some killer RB face and probably wished she could be running around with her sister and cousin...which I'm sure I'll blink and she'll be up right there with her.

So after the park yesterday we came back home and my friend Robyn brought her little dude Sheldon over for his newborn pics...but she also grabbed one of my cameras to snap some pictures of him as well to see if she wanted to get a new camera too!

Annie hung out on the couch and supervised :) You can check out more of Sheldon's newborn pics here if you'd like, but I spent my afternoon snapping him and editing those pics before the girls woke up from their naps and Patrick got home from school.

Today Mike left this morning because he had a doc appointment so it was just me and the three kiddos...and even though the sun was out it was freezing outside (such a tease the weather was yesterday!!) so we planted ourselves inside.

However, I remembered the "Strong Like Mom" shirts I got for all three kiddos had come in so I threw all of them in those (plus some marigold accents) and bribed them with tootsie pops to sit and smile for some pics for me!

I am THRILLED with how these turned out!  The kids were all shockingly cooperative AT ONCE and I love how they're all matching and smiling!  Well, Annie smiled for me after the sibling pic was done, but at least she was looking in the majority of the pics, right?!

I just love their shirts and their little personalities that seem to shine bright in these pics.  Now I need to get them printed and framed!

Anyways, that's my little insight to how stir crazy I'm going with seemingly lack of snappin', but I am COPING!  And I have some outside shoots scheduled soon so I cannot wait to get into those!  I am almost 6 weeks postpartum and feeling great and I can't wait to get back into clickin' this spring and summer!!!

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