Winter is Back. Ugh.

I snapped this little gem earlier this week -- and it is a pretty little pic, but yes, sadly is shows that winter is back.  Actually for the past couple days it's been very chilly and snowing on and off (but melting as quickly as it falls cause the ground is still so warm and it gets back up into the high 30s and 40s again before dropping and snowing more).  I guess I shouldn't complain too much cause the warm weather we had been having was unseasonable and awesome...but yeah, that's gone for now (but I think is coming back this weekend...WOOT!) so we've been stuck inside the past few days.  UGH.

Patrick has enjoyed the wittle bit of snow, and he's always asking to just catch "one snowflake" on his tongue before we go inside.  How cute is that?!

Since we're inside I've been trying to get creative with things to do, especially since Mike's been working (which means he's snoozing during the day) so it's just me and the burritos.  Completely unrelated, here is all 3 kiddos around 5 weeks old with their first little smiles and it just melts my heart!  Lots of similarities but lots of differences too, amiright?!

Anyways, this past weekend Patrick asked if he could match his little sissies, and duh, since we have oodles of June & January attire that matches, it took me about .4 seconds to agree to this and toss them in matching outfits for a few cute and adorable snaps.  I mean, if that doesn't melt your heart I don't know what will!

We spent one day this weekend out and about with Gramps (since my mom was out of town) and we went and visited Goose before hitting up Lion's Choice before naps.  I think the kids like these little adventures to visit Goose -- especially when food is involved afterwards!

Yesterday we started the day with a movie (Shrek 2) and then I soireed all of them downstairs to help me clean up the basement.  About half of the 4000 balls were out of the ballpit (dear lord) but somehow I managed to get Patrick to help me pick all of them up!  This only took an hour with minor distractions, so I call it a success.  Annie was completely useless in helping (but was good just laying there being observant) and Rosie was pretty worthless too; wanting to play more than help.  BUT!  The basement is officially cleaned up and all of the balls contained in the ballpit, so I call it a win.

Today the girls and I went to an ICAN meeting for c-section support with a few friends, and then we hit up Chickfila afterwards.  Annie was wonderful the entire time and Rosie was pretty good too; only whacking a few kids who stole her necklace beads.  So a successful morning 'round these parts too while Patrick was at school.

So yes, lots and lots of indoor fun lately for us...but it gives me hope that spring is coming soon and we'll be able to bust outside again SOON and get to the park and walks and such because...

Annie is 6 whole weeks old today (WHAT??!!) and I'm sure I'll be cleared by my doc later this week to get back into exercising and walking and the pool and all of that good stuff.  I feel really REALLY good post c-section, but things are still a little sore and tight in my abdomen so I want to take it easy in whatever I do.

In 6 weeks I have already over 700 ounces of milk frozen (woot!) so my freezer is filling up fast so I'll be making my first donation soon to a gal who is using it for her daughter due at the end of April because she cannot breastfeed due to medical reasons.  Excited to be donating again!  And so soon too!

Oh, you know, my usual photo dump within a blog post that really doesn't have anything to do with what I've been talking about other than unloading adorable pictures of my kiddos :)

So Tula came out with DONUT BLANKETS AND OMG I HAD TO GET THEM and they came in the mail earlier this week and I couldn't get them washed and used fast enough!  Definitely my favorite blankets to date!  And they are OH SO SOFT.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this gem Miked snapped of me this morning when he got home from work...clearly Scoots is a bit jealous, wouldn't you say?!  Bahahaha, cracks me up.  I love it so, cause #normalizebreastfeeding, amiright?!

Have a good one friends!

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