Annie's 1 Month Checkup

Annie turned 1 month old earlier this week and today we headed back to the pediatrician for the first time since she was 6 days old for her 1 month checkup!

Patrick was at school and Mike worked all night so I brought Rosie with Annie and I to her checkup.  Shockingly it went pretty darn well (and nevermind that I threw Ro on the scale and holy hell she's 37 pounds! GOOD LORD.  More on that at her 2 year post in a month :) and after the doc we even hit up the grocery store for some shopping!

Anyways, Annie at one month is a big gal -- but the runt of the litter compared to her big brother and sister at a month old (Patrick was almost 13 lbs and Rosie was almost 12 lbs).  Either way, Annie is still a big gal and growing like a weed -- girlfriend definitely likes her mama's milk.

Our ped was impressed with Annie's growth and all of her milestones for a month were being hit, so that's good.  She's sleeping longer stretches at night (usually giving us a good 4.5 to 5 hours of sleep right off the bat) and even snoozin' full time for naps and bedtime in her crib!  I know she's still just a bitty baby at a month old, but I feel like she's been with us forever and that time with her is flying by!  I cannot believe it!

Anyways, nothing really exciting to report for Annie's doc visit other than she looks amazing, is growing very well, and only had one terrifying vaccine for today.  We go back in a month for her 2 month checkup (which is right when Rosie goes in for her 2 year checkup!) so hopefully this little lady continues to eat well, sleep well, pee and poop well, and grow!!  We love you so much Annie girl!

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