The Little Ladies.

Ahhhh, the little ladies and I are having a blast back here in bipolar weathered STL while our favorite little man is livin’ it up in sunny Florida.

Let me just get ^^^ that pic out of the way.  Okay.  Done.  Jealous?!  Yep.  So am I.  I love seeing his pics of his vacay and how much of a blast he’s having but I am SO SO SO jealous of my almost 4 year old’s life!  I mean, how awesome is he living?!  And how freaking amazing is his great aunt Kate for spoiling him rotten and taking him to Florida?!!  She is the absolute BEST.

So Tula just came out with these adult size “cuddle me” blankets and I posted before about how much I love them.  Welllllll, I realized Annie has the same blanket as me, so decided to snap a few swaddle twinsies photos…

And obviously I thought they were hilarious pictures so I figured I’d share them and OMG.

HOLY CATS!  4.3k likes on Tula’s FB group!  INSANE!  Obviously other people thought our little picture was funny too and gave us some love.  I only wished I’d have had a third hearts blanket and had Scooter swaddled with us.  Maybe next time :)

Earlier this week I took the girls to Target...and lately I've been dreading taking Rosie anywhere because she's a diva and sass pants and DOES NOT want to ride in the cart (she wants me to carry her which ain't happenin' with Annie already strapped on me) and throws a huge fit.  I saw someone post about the snack trays for shopping carts and decided to snag one with their 15% off code and OMG.  GAME CHANGER.  She actually wanted to sit in the cart AND we were at Tarjay for over an hour and it was no big deal.  Annie slept and Rosie snacked and it was GLORIOUS!  This thing will come with us on every shopping trip now!

Yesterday I decided to pay a visit to school with Annie, since several of my students and coworkers had been asking when I’d come by for a visit.

So since Wednesdays Rosie is at my moms I packed Annie up (and dressed her in her super cute (and my current favorite pink color!) raspberry outfit and we headed up to school to say hello to everyone!  She was such a good little gal and so happy her entire visit!  She definitely won over some self-proclaimed “not baby” people.

My friend Robyn asked us to go to lunch so we had a few minutes after we got to the van before we needed to meet her so Annie and I passed the time by playing with Snapchat filters...and having a snack.  Which was good because Annie then slept through our entire lunch date which was great so Robyn and I could chat and catch up!  Aren’t babies considerate?!

Okay, a little iPhone PSA: the portrait mode on the iPhone 7plus is AH-MAZING.  I am so obsessed with it (probably because it gives that depth of field look my big camera does as well!) and the quality of pics it takes is just fantastic.  The regular iPhone 7 doesn’t have this mode (cause the plus has 2 cameras on it and the 7 just has one) so I’ve been telling people to get the 7plus (it’s really not THAT big!) and you’ll thank me for the amazing photos you’ll take.

There’s a big election coming up in April and we got our yard sign this week supporting Prop K -- basically it’s a 46 cent (per $100 assessed property value) tax increase that will greatly benefit the Kirkwood school district.  To me, it’s a no brainer: our property values are so darn high here BECAUSE of the why not continue to support that an increase our property value even more?!  Those who vote no are going to hurt the schools which will then hurt their property even if they don’t have kids that go to Kirkwood schools (or no kids at all!) they should still vote yes if they want their home values to stay high.  Duh, right?!  My fingers are crossed that it passes cause if it doesn’t there’s going to be a lot of cuts and those are going to suck.  And hurt the schools.

Okay!  Off my soap box!  Haha!  Today was a lazy day ‘round these parts…

I had someone come pick up 700 ounces of breastmilk (my goal by February 2018 is 10,000 ounces!  I was about 1500 ounces short of this goal after Rosie so I’m hoping to meet it this time! Stay tuned!) so the girls and I just hung out.  The weather was rainy and cold (although as I type this it’s currently 56 degrees and sunny...again, bipolar STL weather!) so we called it a movie morning.

Of course I got stir crazy (what’s new?!) and got my camera out (I have 4 photo shoots this weekend!  EKKKK!  Back in the saddle I am!) and decided to snap some pics of the girls!  I am super partial to the black and whites -- there’s just something about my black and white editing style lately that is so dreamy I just LOOOOOOVE how they turn out!

I know that was a massive photo dump (sorry.  Not really.) but I figured I’d go ahead and share since the girls are snoozing still and I’m in between grading projects and answering student emails.

Oh, I did snap these ^^^ with me actually IN the picture rather than taking it (thank you iPhone app + timer!) and I kinda like how they turned out!  It’s nice to be in the pictures sometimes...I mean I need some pics of me thrown in there with the gazillion kids pics so when I’m gone they have a snap or two to remember what their mama looked like, right?!

Anywho, that’s all I’ve got for this Thursday!  Hoping the weather is nice this weekend and they’re wrong about the rain (I’ll take overcast and cloudy over rain any day!) so I get my photoshoots in!  Fingers crossed!  Have a great one friends!

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