Annie's Birth Snaps

Soooooo I penned Annie's Birth Story like less than 36 hours after her arrival -- I wanted to share her birth snaps and story with my 5 loyal blog followers :)

However, I edited her birth snaps that my oh-so-talented brother Charlie took for us (like over 900 pictures in an hour! HOLY COW!) a few hours after Annie's know, a few hours AFTER I just had major surgery and all that jazz.

Today Annie is 8 weeks old (howwww?!! Time goes so darn fast!) and I decided to look back at the RAW images Charlie took and OMG.  There are SO MANY PICTURES that I totally missed!  Pictures that I completely either didn't see or glanced over when I was editing them the first time!  GAHHHH!

So, instead of just chalking it up to having missed those, I'm sharing with you now a good chunk of pics I haven't shared yet (some are repeats from her birth story that I actually re-edited in a new style I'm currently fond of so you get a new little taste of that too).  There'll all in black and white because I just think that b&w birth photos are magical, incredible, and simply amazing.  And don't worry, they're all PG :)

I will first mention (as I did in her birth story) how surreal it was WALKING down the hall, hopping up on the operating table, and 15 minutes later having my baby taken out of me (and the not being able to walk down the hall like I just did again for, um, a few weeks without any soreness or pain!).  Incredible.  I am so thankful for modern medicine.

Looking over these pics really makes me sooooooo emotional about the whole birth (in a good way!) and the fact that she'll be 2 months old on Friday (WHATTTT???!!) and how time really does fly by and goes faster and faster the deeper into life you get.  I absolutely love birth photos -- especially my own! -- and love that I have an outlet to share them with you.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little walk down 8-week-old memory lane.  Looking at these pictures over and over again just basically solidified to me that, God willing, there will be a fourth Mooney babe somewhere in the future :)

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