26 weeks.

26 weeks today and still oh-so-happy that my placenta previa is no more and this pregnancy is back to being a seemingly textbook one!  I still can't believe I'm at week TWENTY SIX -- it truly does feel like it's absolutely flying by.

Yesterday was Halloween and of course I wore my signature shirt that I've donned for the past 2 pregnancies.  It's definitely getting its use again this go'round!  Although I'm about 9 weeks ahead of where I was at Halloween when I was pregnant with Rosie, this shirt is most definitely more snugged and filled out...hence why skeleton baby looks like it's almost underneath my belly when I'm standing up!  Patrick loved this shirt and kept saying, "Mommy you got a skeleton baby in your belly!"

What's funny is that at 26 weeks with Rosie I encountered someone making comments about how big I looked and obviously blogged about it so I remembered...well, same thing happened last week with #3.  At Walgreens a super nice lady commented, "Wow, you look bigger than when I delivered!" after I told her I still had 3 months to go.  Gee, thanks.  I MAKE BIG BABIES PEOPLE!  Get over it.  And no, still not TWO in there, just one big one.  Gah.  Again, why do people feel like when you're pregnant all barriers fall down and any comment -- no matter how rude or out of line -- is okay?!  IT IS NOT OKAY.  People really need to read my 'things not to say to a pregnant lady' post.  Humph.

Okay!  Onto happier pastures!  Ever since my restrictions for placenta previa were lifted last week (and subsquently a weight also lifted from my shoulders it seems!) I've been relishing in the fact that I can pick up Rosie -- and even wear her! without a care in the world.  So this weekend I took advantage and threw her in the Tula on my back and it felt great to carry her again AND didn't bother me walking around with an extra 30lbs on my back at 25.5 weeks pregnant!  Woot!

Other than that, I've been feeling great, albeit a bit tired, but powering through and getting anxious and excited to meet this little one in less than 3 months!  My next appointment ANDDDD the third trimester is in 2 weeks (and fingers crossed I pass the glucose test!) and then bi-weekly appointments start after that!  It truly is flying by!  Until week 27...adios friends!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Overall mood?Excited, happy - 3 months to go!
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?TONS of kicks and punches
Linea Nigra?Nope!

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