Patrick's First School Picture

OMG.  Seriously.  That smirk.  That one eye squint.  I dieeeeeeee.  I cannot handle this picture and am over the moon with how his first official school picture turned out!  I posted it right away on Facebook and Instagram and it got quite the reception -- I know I'm biased, but gosh, isn't he the cutest?!!

They actually took 2 pics so we got this one too which is cute but not as cute (in my humble opinion) as the first one.  Of course I ponied up some moo-la for the digital downloads cause I NEEDED this picture forever and forever digitally.

I didn't waste any time getting these printed for the grandparents and little wallet sizes he can hand out to his aunts and uncles -- so I cannot wait for him to do that later this weekend!  Stand by for pics and details for how that goes :)

Short and sweet post here, but yeah, just had to share these devilishly handsome FIRST official school pics with you.  I know I'm super biased but they are freaking adorable and most definitely frame-worthy!

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