30 weeks.

Hellllllooooo week 30!  3/4ths of the way there #3, and you are definitely makin' mama feel it!

I am totally 100% this past week really feeling this bigness of this babe.  I took a silhouette snap on Thanksgiving and thought I did one around 30 weeks with Rosie, so decided to do a side-by-side.  Um, I am 110% bigger at 29 weeks than I was at 32 weeks with Rosie!  Seriously, I cannot wait to see how big #3 is measuring tomorrow at my ultrasound!  Because I am sure feeling it.

I had awful lower back pain from like week 25 on with Patrick (I also gained like 70+ pounds with him too, so...) and I had some upper back pain with Ro too but not until well into the mid week 30s.  Um, this past week I've had some killer (on and off) upper back pain (like by my shoulder blades!) with this one and have definitely been feeling just how big I am and how big this kid must be.  I know I said last week that I changed by guess to a boy because of size, welllllll, I'm changing it back to girl.  Yes, I think this kid is gonna be another big one, but how high I'm carrying and the upper back pain (along with seemingly everything else pointing to girl) I'm changing my vote back to team pink!

So!  Not much else is going on -- other than some general uncomfortableness (that I swear I didn't start feeling till like week 35 or 36 with Rosie!) and being super exhausted exerting any amount of energy (like stairs. Ohhhhhh, those suck to go up and down!), I'm actually feeling pretty good.  That blasted nausea is coming and going still (fortunately more going than coming) so that hasn't been fun to have back, but I'm really just noting it not complaining because it is SO MUCH BETTER than it was the first 17 or so weeks of this pregnancy!

That's about all I have for week 30.  Just 9 short weeks to go until c-day and I am oh-so-excited to meet this little babe and find out if it's a he or she!  EEKKKK!  Until week 31 (and month 8!!) friends, adios!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?Nothing really this week...
Overall mood?SO VERY EXCITED! 9 weeks to go!
Rings on or off?ON! (with room to spare!)
Movement?OODLES of kicks and punches
Linea Nigra?Nope!

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