Fall Lovin'

We broke a record here in STL yesterday with a high temp in the upper 80s!  INSANE!  It's NOVEMBER!  Even with some rain last night it's still 68 degrees out right now and doesn't really feel too much like fall (I wish it would though)...however, we have been trying to "fall it up" these past couple days because I'm just scared these unseasonably warm fall days are on their way out and we're gonna get blasted with cold weather in no time at all.

We are so excited Mike's been off for a few days to be home with us!  He's been working crazy long hours (a lot of 12+ hour days) lately so it's been nice to have him home AT NIGHT with us for a few days before he goes back to work.

The leaves are just SO PERFECT this week.  Dry (well, they were until it rained last night), crispy, and full of color.  The kiddos had a blast in my parents yard playing in and raking them!  I soooo wish I'd have had my big camera on me to snap some pics, but, alas, iPhone 7plus camera will have to suffice.

Hehehe -- I love this video!  And they sure loved having leaves being tossed over them!

Rosie gets clingy to things, and on our walk the other night it was her helmet.  She wanted it on for 95% of the walk (you do you, Rosie girl.) so safety first on our strolls, right?!  Patrick, Mike, and Scoots not pictured because Patrick got a rare treat to ride his 'motorcycle' (Power Wheels 4-wheeler) around the block and Mike was trying to keep up with him.

And a few fall pumpkin + dead mums snaps from my mom on her weekly 'Rosie Wednesdays.'  Ro looks thrilled, doesn't she?!

Ro does really love her weekly soirees with NeeNee and co...and especially loves NeeNee's soup that she makes because IT IS NOVEMBER AND IT SHOULD BE COLD = SOUP SEASON.

Lastly, I'll end this post with a snap Patrick's teacher tweeted from school this week.  He absolutely LOVES school and I cannot believe his first semester of 3s preschool is starting to come to a close!  How fast it's gone!  Last night he told me he learned all about how he can call 9-9-1 (close buddy) for help and the police, fire truck, or ambulance will come help him out!  Gahhh, melts my heart.

Anyways, that's about all I've got for this too early Thursday morning little fall recap.  Have a good rest of your week friends!

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