Girls' Weekend & Other Novembery Things

Our last girls' weekend in January was a smashing success with my buddies, so we decided back in JULY (!!!) to play another one for this fall.  It worked out for most people to do it this weekend, so booked it was and off we went!  We actually lucked out and my fabulous aunt Kate offered up her lake house for our weekend so it worked out wonderfully!

I think I took all of like 5 pictures this weekend (not kidding!!) so I don't have a ton of pics (or really stories!  We just did a lot of girl chatting which ALLLLLL of us needed it seemed), watched Bad Moms (OMG so funny!), ate a ton, and we did do a bit of crafting...

Isn't that a fun fancy dancy wine glass?!!  Alex Mooney's handiwork there :)

We did splurge and go out to dinner one night instead of cooking, and that was fun to get out and hit up the Kozy Kitchen in Bloomsdale for dinner!

HOWEVER, before we went there was a gorgeous sunset so I had everyone do a sunset belly bump pic (because 4 out of 5 of us staying Friday night were pregnant!) and then we had Elegan do one too with her booze.  Tehehehe!

This is one of my most favorite pics -- all 4 of us are due within a few months of each other and it was so cool to see our varying belly sizes!  Sarah on the far left end was 27w1d with a girl (her second!), Rachael is next at 28w4d with a boy (her first!), Katie is next at 13w6d with identical twins (don't know the genders yet!), and lastly is yours truly at 27w4d with #3 (team green!).  Anyways, SO SO SO fun, right?!  The iPhone can take some really awesome pics.

Anywayyyyysssss, after girls' weekend wrapped up I headed home Sunday morning (I was anxious to get back to my burritos!) and Mike was whippin' up a big pot of chili for dinner tonight since the entire Mooney fam bam is coming over to celebrate my wonderful mother-in-law's birthday tonight.

Since it was so purdy out we ran outside with the kiddos to let them play in the backyard anddddd snap some pics.  Mike got some great ones of me and the kiddos while I got some good ones of the kids playing.  They are total photographers' kids because it's like a freaking game to them to do anything but sit still!  Haha!  But candids sometimes are the best so I love the way these turned out.

So!  That's about all I've got!  Mike got to speak at Patrick's class on Friday and I'm waiting for his teacher to send me a few more and then I'll publish a blog post all about that and share those amazing snaps with stay tuned :)  Have a great rest of your weekend friends!

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