Mannequin Challenge & Other Midweekery Things

So I'm sure you've seen these Mannequin Challenges going around the social media interwebs by now...

Well, Scoots wanted in on the challenge and he did not disappointment.  DID YOU SEE HIM BY THOSE M&Ms?!  Stiff as a statue!  Unbelievable!!  Seriously, if he isn't the world's most patient dog, I don't know who is!  (Ahem, Ellen, he'd totally love to come be on your show... ;-)

Not much else is a'happenin' this early Thursday morning...we've been busy little beavers round these parts and have been doing a whole lot and a whole lotta nothing at the same time!

I did have my last weekday afternoon photoshoots this week (I'd love to keep doing more but by the time I'm out of school at 3pm and can get anywhere it is SO DARK!!) and they did not disappoint.  The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS and the colors were so vibrant and pretty.  It's suppose to turn cold and icky later this weekend so I'm glad we got to squeeze a few more in before the weather turns sour.

We've been having a lot of cousin playtime with Lizzy lately and the kids absolutely love it!  Albeit there is always someone in tears and fighting (ahhh, true cousins! haha!) they usually end up smiling and happy and begging not to leave because they want to keep playing.  What's CRAZY to think about is that there'll be SIX cousins on this couch next year at this time.  NUTS!!

Mr. Taco Man wore his taco outfit (his choice!) to school earlier this week and he got to learn all about being a chef, complete with a chef's hat!  He made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that he devoured for post-bath snack time and even shared with Rosie.  He was so proud of them and his cooking skills!  I mean, I'm not shocked, he loves to help me cook -- he's probably going to be getting a little chef's hat and apron for Christmas too... :)

I was documenting (for myself!) my 28 week (but measuring at 35 weeks! OMG!) bump and Patrick said, "Mommy I want to take a belly picture too!" -- so we did!  And of course it was too cute not to share so I did.  Gosh he is so excited about this new baby (who he now thinks is a boy and we should call him Pickles!) I cannot wait for him to be a big brother AGAIN in less than 11 weeks!  EKKK!!

Lastly I'll leave you with this -- Mike snapped it last night of us on the couch and Patrick feeling the baby move and it melted my mama's heart.  Gosh, so damn sweet he is!

Anyways, that's all I've got for you!  Oodles of snappin' this weekend for some last fall pics (even though it's probably gonna be FREEZING!) before Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK.  I cannot believe it's already Thanksgiving!  We may have to set up the tree a bit early this year before Thanksgiving just so we can do it when Mike's home and awake.  Have a good one friends!!

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