Community Helpers

On Friday Patrick got a special surprise in his preschool class: daddy came to talk!  As part of their community helpers unit, Mike and Drew (Patrick's BFF Emma's dad) got to come in and talk to their class about being in law enforcement!

I didn't get a ton of info, other than most questions to Mike and Drew revolved around firefighting (the firefighters just came in earlier that week to talk to them, so that was still fresh in their minds!) but they did enjoy the special props Drew brought in with his helmet and flashlight being passed around.

Mike and Drew were such good sports doing this (I think a lot of their speaking engagements are for older crowds, not 3 and 4 year olds!) and I know the kids had a blast with them there.  Patrick has talked about it ever since -- I think he loved having daddy come into his classroom!

I sooooo enjoyed getting these pics from their visit -- I begged Patrick's teacher to take some for me and she did not disappoint!!

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