Saturday Shenanigans

Okay, I have to first mention that, once again, I failed my freaking 1 hour glucose (diabetes) test earlier this week.  I said in my 28 week post that I had it on Wednesday and was hoping to pass, and, no dice.  Barely failed AGAIN.  Just like with Rosie.  Ugh.

So I had to take a sick day on Friday and go in for the 3 hour test that I'm hoping and praying and hoping and PRAYING EVEN MORE that I pass (I passed the 3 hour one with flying colors last time with Ro, so hoping for the same this go'round).  I'll find out Monday...keep your fingers crossed for me.  I won't be happy camper if I get diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Oh and here's a laugh for you ^^^ I forgot my water bottle at my test and the lab tech said I could take small sips of water throughout (I was thirsty!) so the only cup I could find was a legit pee cup in the bathroom.  Oh well, served its purpose!  And I'm sure really made for the other people in the waiting room giggle.  Hehehe!

It was almost 80 degrees on Thursday.  NUTS!  The kids were in shorts and tshirts and flip flops and it was great!  Then it turned cold and was flippin' freezing for my morning photo session today and I bet that's what it's going to be like from here on out.  Ugh.  We had a good run fall, now just give me snow and days off of school!

Rosie selfie.  Gosh I love this little double-chinned sass pot!

Patrick's TinySuperheroes membership came last week and he was SO EXCITED to open it and get working on it!  He keeps all of his "cape stuff" (as he calls it) safely in his TS container and out of the grips of Rosie.  He loves it so much so I know he's going to love getting this every month!

Cold = hot chocolate season.  I'm not upset about that and neither is my gigantic mug to house my delicious hot cocoa.

He's obsessed with his sunnies and I am obsessed with him.  Biased, I know, but isn't he a little ham?!!

^^^Another ham, who lately is diva-ing it up and refusing to sit in her high chair (especially at restaurants...that's fun. #not) so she's been having a'many meals at her little table.  Nevermind she'll be 2 in less than 5 months and is growing up way faster than I want to admit (and faster than Patrick seemed to grow at this age) and she may just be done with the high chair.  Gah!  Miss independent!  Stop growing so fast!

We got the kids all fancied up for pics with Santa today at Scooter's vet (proceeds benefited Backstoppers -- we like this :) and although they (ahem, Rosie) were all smiles before Santa pics, someone who's name rhymes with nosey was not having it...

So she didn't get in on the family Santa snap.  Oh well...we'll try it again with mall Santa in a few weeks because if she flips out again (um, she will I'm sure) they mall Santas are more equipped and use to dealing with those kids, which I'm prepared for that amazing picture as well.  Stay tuned for that :)

Okay!  That's about all I've got...hopefully the rest of the weekend runs smoothly and I am reporting next week at my 29 week post that I passed my 3 hour glucose test and don't have to worry about gestational diabetes for the last 10 weeks.  Fingers.freaking.crossed.

Have a good one friends!

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