Annie & Scoots

Sometimes in the morning, amidst the hustle-and-bustle of trying to get everyone ready for school and out of the door, I grab my camera and snap.  I've captured everything from teeth brushing to meltdowns, and they are all memory marks for me!

This morning wasn't any different, except that the big kids had already left with Mike for school and I was scrambling trying to get all of mine and Annie's stuff together before we left.  I set her down to run back and get my water bottle and came back to her playing by the window.

Welp, I did what everyone would do, right?!?  Took a few seconds away from the chaos, grabbed my camera, and snap-snap-snapped!  She was playing with Scoots (and Scoots was licking her sweet little face!) and I just had to capture it.

Scoots soireed away so I was able to get some solo shots of Annie too.  Her big ol' brown eyes and her little smirk then wide-mouth grinned just melt my mama heart!

As chaotic as the mornings are, I do love having this one-on-one time with her and stopping to take a breath and a few snaps every now and again before we hustle off to NeeNee's and school for the day.

Have a great one friends!

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