Glitter Patrick

Patrick was having a bit of FOMO (read: fear of missing out, for all of you who don't work with teenagers every single day) after Rosie got her glitter pics on today, since it was GORGEOUS out, we decided to do some for Patrick too!

He was LOVING it.  And I was loving the way that gold glitter looked in that late afternoon sun!

He was an excellent glitter blower -- I had to back off of him at one point cause he had such intense blowage (is that even a word?!?) that glitter was getting all over my camera! HA!

We then ended the shoot with some glitter being tossed in the air -- he loved that.  And, by some miracle, most of the glitter came off of him and stayed in the yard!  I haven't found any in the house (yet) so yay for that.  Maybe I'll stash a bottle in my bag for shoots...I don't think it'd work with kids under 3, but above it I'm sure they'd love it!  Tabling that idea for later.

Alrighty! That's all I've got for now!  I'll do a big blog post later...but today was a BIG NIGHT for the big kids: bed upgrade to BUNK BEDS! So exciting! More details on that later :)  Have a great one friends!

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